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Baby Bathing Essentials

Required:  2-3 bath towels, 4-6 wash cloths or muslins, 2-3 bath soaps or bubble baths, 2-3 shampoo and washes
Highly Recommended:  1 flexible foldable bath tub, 1 bath seat, 4-6 bath toys
Recommended:  1 bath stand
Optional: 1 bath thermometer

Don’t forget to create baby lists to keep track of all your information and also that Crux Baby has put together a number of extremely helpful example lists of what to buy for baby to help guide you.

Baby Bathing: Buying Guide

This is an area you can keep quite simple with just towels, wash cloths, and some starter shampoos and bath soaps for use after baby’s first month – as with anything touching baby’s skin, all of these items should be purchased organic if your budget allows.  We would, however, highly recommend the purchase of a flexible, foldable bath tub which means you don’t have to stoop over your main bath tub, makes the bath portable, can be used with a bath stand, and is easy to store. Once your baby is able to sit by themselves, a bath seat is an extremely useful purchase – this attaches to the bottom of your bathtub with a non-slip base and allows babies to play in the bath while remaining in a secure sitting position. Bath toys are useful for keeping baby entertained in the tub while a bath thermometer ensures water is neither too hot to scald baby or too cold to lower his core body temperature dangerously.

Baby Bath Tubs

Baby Bath Towels

We strongly recommend baby bath towels with hoods as an excellent way to easily keep baby’s head warm after taking him out of the bath. Another great product for making bath time easy, safe, and less stressful is the Cuddledry bathing apron which allows you to stay dry and baby to stay warm and safely wrapped as you transfer your baby from bath to changing station.

Baby Bath Seats

Baby bath seats are great inventions for use in your regular bath tub – these attach to the base or rim or your tub with a non-slip section. They ensure comfort and safety as baby kicks and splashes freely, while protecting parents from back and neck pain from stooping uncomfortably over the tub.

Baby Bath Soaps, Shampoos & Washes

Buy organic products if budgets allow to protect baby’s sensitive skin. You will use just water to bathe your baby at first, but it is wise to stock on these early as they are easy to forget and can be difficult to find.

Baby Bath Toys

Make bath time easier and more interesting with simple, fun toys.  You will not need any immediately, but they are good to have on hand once baby starts to see and move better.

Baby Bath Thermometers

Truly an optional purchase – only if you are very worried about scalding skin by forgetting to first gauge water temperature with your elbow or hand.