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Baby Bedding Buying Guide

Required:  2-3 cot bed sheets, 2-3 Moses basket sheets (4-6 if used with your pram as well), 3-4 receiving blankets, 2-3 sleeping bags
Highly Recommended:  3-4 swaddle blankets, 1-2 complete bedding sets or cot bumper and quilt set
Optional:  1 ergonomic sleep positioner or support wedge, 1-2 cot mattress protectors

Don’t forget to create wishlists or a complete baby list to keep track of all your information and also that Crux Baby has put together a number of extremely helpful example lists of what to buy for baby to help guide you.

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Baby Bedding Buying Guide

Sheets and Blankets

This is an area in which the question of “how much do I need?” can get out of hand. You can certainly get by using only cotton sheets and several receiving or cellular blankets. Make sure that cot bed and pram sheets are in breathable materials with fitted edges which are less likely to un-tuck and become a danger to baby.  You should plan to have at least 2 spare sheets as there is always the potential for 1 to be in the wash just when the other gets soiled and needs changing.

Cellular blankets are an inexpensive and basic baby item, but most mothers we know love to splurge on at least a couple of fancier receiving blankets made of chenille, natural fibres or even cashmere which feel softer to baby’s skin and look prettier as well. Remember that you will use blankets in the cot, in the Moses basket, in the pram, and all around your house.  As your baby so frequently uses a blanket, they get dirty easily and you may actually find you need more than 3-4 although you are almost certain to receive some as gifts.

Sleeping Bags

We consider baby sleeping bags essential as well. Sleeping bags have revolutionised how parents put their babies to bed over the last decade and is one baby product invention that truly is of enormous use. Babies wear the bags like a coat, with a zip down the front or poppers at the shoulder – the bottom of the bag is closed and the top is sleeveless to prevent overheating. Baby sleeping bags replace duvets and blankets – making them much safer for baby and easier to manage for parents.  It is essential that you buy the right size sleeping bag for baby’s age – if the neck hole is too wide, their heads could slip down inside the bag.  We recommend that you use swaddling blankets for baby’s first 2-3 months and then switch to sleeping bags.

Sleeping bags should be made in natural materials such as cotton jersey that are more breathable than artificial materials and of the appropriate tog rating. Tog ratings are a measure of sleeping bags’ warmth.  2-2.5 tog is suitable year round outside of summer while 0.5 or 1.0 tog bags are lighter and suitable for summer and afternoon naps – tog ratings also mean less worrying about how much bedding your baby needs or what babies should wear to bed. Bags made of merino wool are an even better option – the main benefit of merino being its incomparable ability to maintain a comfortable micro climate between body and material.  Unlike synthetics or even jersey cotton, Merino breathes and controls moisture and has the natural ability to respond to changes in temperature – keeping babies cool when it is hot and warm when it is cold and eliminating the need for you to buy different bags for different seasons.

Grobag sleeping bags feature fun designs and are extremely popular with parents but Crux Baby really love the more traditionally-styled options at The White Company.  Without a doubt, however, our favourite baby sleeping bag is the Merino Kids Go Go Baby Sleeping Bag – it is suitable from birth to 2 years and is made from luxuriously soft, allergy-safe natural merino wool that is temperature regulating and hence appropriate throughout the year. No need to change sizes or togs constantly, this is truly one of the best baby buys you can make.

Swaddling Blankets

Specially designed swaddling blankets have recently become hugely popular (if somewhat controversial) with parents. Swaddling is the age old technique of wrapping babies from the neck downwards in a cloth or thin blanket with the aim of pacifying them.  The feeling of being “contained” is thought to re-create the effects of being in the womb and make babies less fretful. Personally, we highly recommend swaddling up to about 3 months of age as a technique to soothe babies and, critically for sleep-deprived parents, help babies sleep more soundly by preventing them from flailing their arms about.

Once again, our favourite brand for bedding essentials is Merino Kids who have invented the Cocooi Babywrap swaddling blanket. The Cocooi babywrap is super easy to use (3 easy steps) and is made from 100% superfine merino wool – this material not only stretches to fit your baby’s body shape perfectly, but it creates its own micro-climate as well. Practically, what this means is that it regulates your baby’s temperature and gives you the peace of mind that he is never too hot or cold no matter the season.

Bedding Sets or “Rooms in a Box

Complete bedding sets are also available – practical not only in providing you with matching sheets, blankets and bumpers, but can also a lovely design focal point for baby’s nursery. If you are a busy parent or mum-to-be, bedding sets are certainly a very efficient and easy way of getting everything you need for baby’s nursery.  They include sheets, quilts, bumpers, blankets, curtains, nappy stackers, light shades, laundry bags, baby sleeping bags, and even wall canvases – pretty much everything you might need for baby’s nursery bedding and decoration. While some of the elements can not be used until baby is older, they are useful in giving you what you will need over a period of 2 years.  Our favourite bedding sets come from Bambizi, Ella & Otto and Olli Ella.

Mattress Protectors

Mattress protectors make your baby’s cot bed mattress 100% waterproof also act as an anti-allergy barrier protecting against dust mites, a major cause of two increasingly common childhood conditions – asthma and hayfever. Crux Baby loves the Hippychick Mattress Protector.

Sleep Positioners

Baby sleep positioners are designed to ensure baby sleeps in the safest possible position, to reduce cranium pressure and to increase back support. They help prevent babies from rolling onto their stomachs and keep them secure without restricting their natural movement.  The slightly elevated “30 degree angle” position greatly aids discomfort caused by reflux, colic and indigestion.