Baby Checklist – What to Buy Before the Birth

Baby Checklist

Everything You Need to Buy Before Baby is Born

Pregnancy Guides

Required: What to Expect When You’re Expecting
Highly Recommended: 1-2 additional general reference books, 1-2 on health and nutrition, 1 for fathers
Optional: 2-3 additional books on topics of interest to you such as schools and names

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Pregnancy Health and Beauty

Required: Pregnancy multivitamin such as Pregnacare Plus with Omega 3 daily from the day you know you are pregnant – approximately 270 in total; any special supplements you may require such as iron, calcium, folic acid or specially calibrated pregnancy Omega 3
Highly Recommended: An excellent moisturiser or body lotion specifically designed to prevent stretch marks for daily use – approximately 3-4 containers.
Recommended: 1 Maternity support pillow
Optional: Pre-packed hospital bag, exercise DVDs, tens machine for pain relief during labour

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Maternity Clothes

Required: 4-6 good quality tops and blouses (you may want to look specifically for designs that work during breastfeeding as well or require more tops depending on your work demands); 4-6 tanks, t-shirts or camisoles which can be worn day or night; 2-4 pairs of maternity jeans; 3-4 pairs of leggings; 2-4 good quality, custom fitted maternity bras
Highly Recommended: 2-4 maternity dresses that can be worn for work and special occasions; 6-10 pairs of maternity briefs so you don’t ruin your regular lingerie as your body expands
Optional: 1-2 maternity support bands; 2-4 pairs of trousers or skirts that can be worn for work

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Baby Care Guides

Required: Minimum of 2 general reference books, 1 first aid guide
Highly Recommended: 1-2 books on sleep and baby routines
Recommended: 1 book on breastfeeding advice if relevant
Optional: 1 book on natural parenting

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Pushchairs, Prams and Travel Systems

Required: A pushchair, buggy or travel system and a raincover where not included
Highly Recommended: Carrycot for pushchair use from birth, footmuff and a set of car seat adaptors for use with a car seat as a travel system, parent organisers where available.
Optional: travel bag, coordinating changing bag, seat liner, sun parasol

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Pushchair Accessories

Required: 2-3 pushchair and car seat toys specifically designed to attach to the handlebar or sun shade
Highly Recommended: Universal buggy board for use with a toddler, pram clips or stroller hooks to attach your changing bag to pushchair, small pushchair organiser
Recommended: Universal footmuff and cup holder if your pushchair brand does not offer them

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Car Seats

Required: car seat (also known as an infant carrier). You will need this even if you don’t own a car.
Highly Recommended: 1 Isofix base if you do own or use a car frequently.
Optional: Car seat accessories as required and several car seat toys if you travel by car frequently.

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Baby Carrier or Sling

Highly Recommended: 1 baby carrier or baby sling

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Changing Bag and Accessories

Required: 1 changing bag
Highly Recommended: 2 portable changing kits
Optional: 1 changing bag insert organiser

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Baby Monitors

Highly Recommended: 1 baby monitor (video is very strongly recommended)
Optional: Additional cameras for use with more than one child or in different parts of home

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Nursery Furniture Sets

Highly Recommended: 1 Nursery Furniture Set – basic sets include some combination of cot or cot bed, dresser/changer and wardrobe

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Nursery Furniture

Required: 1 cot bed, 1 mattress, 1 dresser with changer, 4-6 small storage bins or boxes
Highly Recommended: 1 wardrobe
Recommended: 1 glider or rocking chair
Optional: A separate changing station – although you will require this if you do not buy a dresser or it can’t be used as a changing station. This is a good option for homes with space constraints or those that already have a lot of built-in storage.

This selection is for those who choose not to buy a coordinating nursery furniture set and instead by individual items. For those that do buy a baby furniture set, add-ons such as additional storage boxes, nursing chairs and gliders, and changing stations can be found here.

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Moses Baskets, Cribs and Portable Beds

Required: 1 Moses basket, crib or portable bed (with mattress included)
Optional: 1 Moses basket rocking stand

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Required: 2-3 cot bed sheets, 2-3 Moses basket sheets (4-6 if used with your pram as well), 3-4 receiving blankets, 2-3 sleeping bags
Highly Recommended: 3-4 swaddle blankets, 1-2 complete bedding sets or cot bumper and quilt set
Optional: 1 ergonomic sleep positioner or support wedge, 1-2 cot mattress protectors

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Baby Changing Essentials

Required: Changing mat with spare liners, nappies (approximately 10 per day), cotton pads and nappy wipes, nappy rash ointment
Highly Recommended: baby massage oil, baby moisturiser, organiser, hand sanitizer
Recommended: second changing mat for use elsewhere in your home, top and tail bowl

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Baby Clothing Essentials

Required: 6-8 short sleeved bodysuits, 6-8 long sleeved bodysuits, 8-12 sleepsuits, 4-6 pairs of trousers or leggings, 8-12 pairs of socks, 2-4 pairs of booties , 4-6 cardigans or jumpers, 2-3 winter hats, 2-3 snowsuits, jackets or pram suits, 4-6 containers of baby friendly washing detergent.
Highly Recommended: 4-6 short sleeved rompers, 4-6 long sleeved rompers, 2-3 sun hats, 4-6 outfits for dressing up or special occasions
Optional: 3-4 pairs of scratch mitts

These are the quantities recommended for 0-3m baby clothes – you may choose to buy a few newborn sized clothing items, but your baby will grow out of these very quickly. Adjust quantities depending on the season, and lower quantities if you plan to do the laundry very frequently!

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Baby Feeding

Required: 8-12 muslins, 4-6 cotton bibs

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Required: 1-2 breastfeeding shawls or covers, lanolin cream for sore nipples
Highly Recommended: Breast pump (electric highly recommended over manual), milk collection bottles or bags
Recommended: breastfeeding pillow, a selection of breastfeeding aids as issues arise

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Bottle Feeding

Required: Newborn bottles and teats if you bottle feed from day one; larger bottle and teats (quantity dependent on the stage at which you stop breastfeeding); baby formula before 1 year of age; cold water, microwave or steam steriliser; bottle and teat cleaning brushes; formula dispenser for use on the go
Optional: Bottle feeding starter kit

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Required: 2-3 bath towels, 4-6 wash cloths or muslins, 2-3 bath soaps or bubble baths, 2-3 shampoo and washes
Highly Recommended: 1 flexible foldable bath tub, 1 bath seat, 5-10 bath toys
Recommended: 1 bath stand
Optional: 1 bath thermometer

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Toys, Activity and Learning

Required: At least 1 bouncy seat, rocker or baby swing; 1 baby play mat; at least 8-10 baby toys for 0-6 month stage; 15-20 baby books
Highly Recommended: Nursery rhyme or classical music CDs; baby floor seat

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Health and First Aid Essentials

Required: A good digital thermometer designed for babies, first aid manual, nasal aspirator, eyewash, 2 packs of antiseptic wipes, cotton wool
Highly Recommended: baby vitamin D (now required and supplied by NHS)
Optional: colic relief, pre-packed first aid kit, air purifier or humidifier, baby probiotics

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Baby Grooming and Soothing

Required: Baby nail clippers, baby nail file, baby hair brush, baby tooth brush
Highly Recommended: 6-8 soothers or pacifiers, 4-6 teethers, 2-4 soother chains
Recommended: Soother steriliser

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Postnatal Care

Required: Maternity pads
Highly Recommended: Disposable briefs, postnatal new mum vitamins

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