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New Baby Clothing Essentials

What Clothing Do I Need For a New Baby?


Highly Recommended

  • 4-6 rompers or day-time babygros – a mix of short and long sleeved depending on season.
  • 3-4 outfits for dressing up or special occasions – we have beautiful options for both boys and girls.


Don’t forget to create baby lists to keep track of all your information and also that Crux Baby has put together a number of extremely helpful example lists of what to buy for baby to help guide you.

Buying Guide: New Baby Clothing

The recommendations above are the best possible approximation of what you will NEED in sizes 0-3m and 3-6m. Unless you and your partner are very small, it can often be pointless to buy in newborn size as your baby will grow out of them so quickly (and they can always be purchased after the fact if necessary). If anything, it is better to buy larger sizes over smaller sizes as your baby can always grow into them. When buying baby clothing, consider baby’s age in each season and adjust for long sleeves vs. short sleeves as well as for items such as snow suits and winter hats.  Finally, consider the practicalities of washing baby clothes (how frequently you or someone else is likely to do your laundry) and the fact that you will occasionally require several changes of clothes in one day.  If you’re not a laundry lover or don’t have someone to take care of those duties for you, you may want to adjust your quantities upwards.  Even if you are not a clothing fanatic, it is highly likely that you’ll end up with more clothing than you “need”, but it can be completely impossible not to buy those cute little outfits you’ll find. As difficult as it may be, try not to go overboard baby clothing before your baby actually arrives – you will receive plenty of clothing as gifts and it is just very hard to tell in advance what you will actually need.

General Baby Clothing Buying Tips

  • Good Quality. You do want to buy good quality baby clothing – your baby doesn’t need designer brands (there is actually an overwhelming choice of designer baby clothing!), but you don’t want products that will fall apart in the wash. 
  • Ease of Use. Buy baby clothes that are easy to use. Avoid buying items that would not allow you to easily and quickly change a nappy, look for snaps rather than buttons, and avoid clothes that button down the back.
  • Organic. As with anything involving baby’s sensitive newborn skin, buying baby clothes in organic materials if your budget permits is a very wise choice.
  • Colours. Lighter colours are better for younger babies as they actually show stains less while darker colours are better once baby starts weaning.


Bodysuits (Onesies, Vests, Babygros)

The staple baby clothing item for the first six months of life. You will want more short sleeve options for the summer months and long sleeved for winter. In general, you will want to buy more than the recommended quantities if you don’t have time time to do laundry often.


Along with bodysuits, the other staple clothing item for baby’s first 6 months.  If you just want baby to be comfortable rather than fashionable and make life easier for yourself, you can use sleepsuits during the day as well.

Rompers (All-in-Ones, Babygros)

All-in-ones or rompers are an excellent choice for parents who want to snazz up their baby wardrobes a bit.  They tend to be a bit “prettier” than sleepsuits, but are still extremely comfortable, wearable and easy to use without entering the terrain of dresses or proper outfits for boys.  They also come in cute short-sleeved lightweight options which are often ideal for summer.

Dresses and Special Occasion Outfits

This is, of course, one of the most fun things to buy for your new baby. Definitely do buy a couple of pretty dresses for baby girls or cute outfits for baby boys that you will appreciate in photos years down the line, but try not to buy too many.  Your baby will spend the vast majority of his or her early life in Babygros, bodysuits, vests and sleepsuits for reasons related to practicality as well as comfort and will grow out of his or her fancy clothes very quickly.

Cardigans, Jumpers and Tops

You will need several warm baby jumpers to keep baby warm in autumn and winter, as well as a few lighter weight options for spring and summer.  We highly recommend baby cardigans with buttons or zippers down the front so you won’t have to pull baby clothing over the head (which many do not like).  You may want a few cute tops or blouses as well.

Trousers and Leggings

Baby jeans. leggings, track bottoms or trousers are a great option for sprucing up the basic bodysuit, and there are options to make babies as trendy as their parents.  Leggings or track bottoms are good options for comfort around the house. More may be necessary if you choose not to buy any rompers.

Socks, Booties & Scratch Mitts

You will need some basic socks to keep baby’s feet warm, but most babies will easily kick these off.  We much prefer investing in a couple of pairs of booties or moccasins which more easily stay on baby’s feet. Some parents also buy scratch mitts to keep baby’s hands away from the face, but we have found that these too easily fall off.

Baby Jackets, Snowsuits and Pram Suits

Baby pram suits, snow suits and jackets should ideally all be water and wind repellent and be made of materials that keep baby warm in cold air, but are still breathable once you come indoors or the weather is slightly warmer. Some of the best options have detachable hoods and attached booties and mittens. These can get soiled quickly so you will need a few options. They can also be bought big as they don’t need to fit snugly and your baby can grow into them.


You will need 2-3 pairs of choose for older babies especially once they become mobile and may also choose to buy some for younger babies for “dressing up”