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What to Buy for Baby - Everyday Baby Essentials

From the most stylish of changing bags to beautiful baby clothes to bathing basics to the best child care guides, these are the practical things you are likely to use everyday

The Best Changing Bags - A Marriage of Style & Function

Whether you are looking for the most fashionable of designer changing bags or something more basic, choose a changing bag that is practical, functional and easily cleaned, but one that still matches your personal style – this is something you will use every day, and is one way you can still feel like yourself in the early months when your hair is disheveled and your clothes are permanently stained. The best bag is one you would feel comfortable using after baby is out of nappies – it then becomes an investment rather than just something you use for a year or two. You’ll need accessories that make life easier – stroller clips, dirty clothes sacks, insulated bottle carriers, and matching changing kits….six pockets inside is approximately the right number as you can stay organised while still having room for a camera or iPad.  Check out the complete collection.

The Best in Baby Clothes


Buy plenty in all sizes, colours, and sleeve lengths


Baby Clothing Staples for day and night

Cardigans & Jumpers

Warmth in every season

Pram Suits

Essential outside of summer

What to Buy for Baby offers advice on the quantities and sizes you need at each stage for bodysuits, babygros, sleepsuits, trousers, leggings, socks, booties, jumpers, cardigans, pramsuits, washing detergent, rompers and outfits for dressing up – covering everything you need for baby’s wardrobe. When buying baby clothes, try not to go overboard as your baby will grow out of things quicker than you can imagine – in determining exact quantities, consider the season and how frequently you will realistically be doing laundry. You don’t need to go for designer labels, but don’t buy loads of cheaply constructed clothes that will just fall apart in the wash. Strongly consider buying organic if your budget allows to accommodate baby’s sensitive skin in the early days, and consider practicality of use – go for snaps rather than buttons, for example. Please visit our complete buying guide and selection of the most beautiful baby clothes.

The Best Places to Find Beautiful and Unique Baby Clothes



Blossom Mother and Child - Baby Levi

Things You Are Likely to Use Everyday

Baby and Child Care Guides

Essential resources offering you the knowledge and skills to keep babies fed, clean, comforted and safe - and for troubleshooting many common problems

Baby Bathing Basics

Flexitubs, towels, wash cloths, toys and soaps - everything you need for bath time

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      We know you’re busy, and buying for baby can frankly be overwhelming. How do you choose from what seems like millions of products? How do you know what will work for you as a parent? That’s why we’ve come up with a series of example lists of different mum prototypes…use them for inspiration in creating your own list and finding the products that best match your personality, your style, and your baby.
      Visit Our Mum Profiles
      We’ve asked mothers whose advice we value highly for their opinions on the best products they’ve purchased, the ones they never should have bought, and which products were/are “worth their weight in gold”. You might be surprised by what some of our mums have said…check out our Mum Profiles to find out!
      Get the Look
      Struggling for inspiration on how to decorate baby’s nursery? Looking for a beautiful changing bag you can use without baby as well? Searching for unique baby clothing brands to make your baby stand out from the crowd? Get wonderful design ideas and view unique products in our Ideas and Inspiration pages.
      Stylish Changing Bags

      Some Products from Our Baby Clothing Department

      The Child Care Guides You Will Refer to All the Time

      Bathing Basics