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Crux Baby tells you exactly what is required, recommended and just plain optional at every stage of your pregnancy through baby’s first year. We cover not just the big ticket items like car seats, prams and highchairs, but remember all the little things such as first aid, changing and breastfeeding essentials. Our buying guides are integrated into our shop so you can simply proceed through each category, discover exactly what you need and then use our unbelievable product filters to search the products that best meet YOUR baby, YOUR home, YOUR lifestyle, YOUR parenting approach and YOUR budget.

Then simply add items to your wishlist (or track ideas for a “dream list”) to create the ultimate bespoke baby list. This unique organisational tool allows you to add all the best products from multiple stores whether they are high street retailers such as John Lewis or Amazon or small independent boutiques with specialty goods.  Have fun!

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Bespoke Services or Inquiries

Bespoke Services

If you would like additional services to the ones listed above such as placement or orders, arranging deliveries at suitable times, or sourcing truly bespoke baby products, please get in touch. We are also happy to respond to questions of any nature!

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Some Ideas on How to Use our Baby List Functionality

Proceed chronologically through the shop category listings using the embedded Crux Baby buying guides to identify what is required, what is recommended and what are just lovely extras for all of pregnancy and baby’s first year. Use our powerful customisation tools to identify the products that are perfect for you. See our Wishlists User Guide if you require more detailed information on how to use wishlists. Remember to register with us to access your information at any time in the future.

Have fun creating multiple baby lists with ideas just for your dream nursery, the perfect pushchair, beautiful baby clothes, organic only products, the best in contemporary style or anything else you can imagine. The sky is the limit to your creativity – create as many baby lists as you want or need, but we warn you it can get obsessive! Register with us so you can come back at any time after baby is born or even for future children!

We recommend keeping one complete version of your list to simplify the buying process when you go to make your purchases. By default, products are organised by baby product category so you can easily check you have everything you need. But upon checking out of our store, we suggest sorting products by merchant to simplify the buying process. No other baby list will offer this functionality that makes it truly easy to manage the entire process of what to buy for baby yourself.

We strongly recommend registering to create an account here so that your lists are stored indefinitely – we can only store guest lists for 30 days.

For ideas, inspiration and a truly simplified baby products buying process, we have created a series of example baby lists that match the features most commonly sought after by parents. To find What to Buy for Baby lists that best match you and what you’re looking for (for instance “Type A, Contemporary style, Luxury”), enter Crux Baby or in the search field. You can purchase items directly from these baby lists or add them to one of your own.

Visit our Mum profiles section to find mothers similar to you and capitalise on the knowledge they have already accumulated – what they found to be their favourite products, the “worth their weight in gold” products they couldn’t live without, the things they should not have bought, what they would buy if they could it all over again, what is best for second children and more.

Visit our Ideas and Inspiration area – be inspired by beautiful nursery designs, stylish pregnancy looks, the best new prams, the latest innovations, and general style ideas for baby, mum and home. We also love to showcase unique baby products such as personalised baby clothes, personalised nursery wall art and more! We’ll give you all the products you need to achieve any of these looks or great baby ideas.

Please complete our form below if you would like to inquire about our bespoke services which include creating a unique baby list for your specific requirements (including creating and sourcing truly bespoke baby products not available here), ordering goods for you, and arranging delivery.

Set your privacy settings to public, private or shared with a designated group. View, edit and share at will. Use social options to share on email, Facebook Twitter and Pinterest! The sharing option is great for using your baby list as a gift registry and enabling your friends and family to buy items you really want or need.

Bespoke Services or Inquiries

Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions or if you are interested in our bespoke services which include designing a unique list just tailored perfectly to your requirements, ordering the products and arranging delivery.

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