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Baby Monitor Buying Guide

Highly Recommended: 1 baby monitor (video is very strongly recommended)
Optional: Additional cameras for use with more than one child or in different parts of home

Don’t forget to create a baby list to keep track of all your information and also that Crux Baby has put together a number of extremely helpful example lists of what to buy for baby to help guide you.

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Baby Monitor Buying Guide

Buying the best quality baby monitor you can afford is well worth the investment in ensuring your child’s health and your peace of mind. The most important considerations in your choice of baby monitor should include sound and video signal quality, range of reception, price, general ease of use and portability of the parent unit.

Key questions to ask before purchasing:
– Will you be using the baby monitor in the garden or moving from room to room in your home?
– Do you plan on travelling with your monitor?
– Do you want to see as well as hear your child?
– What type of property do you live in?
– Is the baby monitor safe for your nursery?
– Do you require remote access?
– Do you require a motion sensor?
– Do you require a baby monitor with more than one baby unit?

Beneficial special features in higher end baby monitors
– sound activated light displays
– out of range indicators
– low battery indicators
– room temperature sensors
– integral nightlight and lullaby options
– two-way communication
– alerts for when baby hasn’t moved in a specified period of time

Having gone through a number of baby monitors ourselves, our favourites are the Motorola MBP36 Video Baby Monitor, Babyping Wifi Baby Monitor, and the Angelcare AC1100 Video Baby Monitor.

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