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Baby Playmats and Gyms

Required: Baby playmat (baby gym)

Don’t forget to create a baby list to keep track of all your information.  Crux Baby has put together a number of extremely helpful example baby lists of what to buy for baby to help guide you.

Best Baby Playmats and Gyms: Buying Guide

Baby playmats or baby gyms are relatively inexpensive, but they are an essential baby buy. They serve a wide range of purposes – stimulating both mental and physical development while allowing you some hands-free time.  Lay your baby on his back and let him extend his arms to bat at the overhead hanging toys and encourage hand-eye coordination or let him explore the colourful contrasting images on the mat during tummy time play.  The best baby play mats have bright contrasting colours, patterns or lights to stimulate vision; music, rattles, squeaks and crinkly sounds to develop the auditory senses; and different textures and shapes to grip and grab at in order to develop fine motor skills. We love the Skip Hop Tree Top Activity Gym and the Mamas & Papas MAGIC Stargaze Playmat.

Once baby gets a bit older and more mobile, a play pen or travel cot can be placed in the room where you spend the most time.  These will insure your baby stays in one place