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Baby Walkers and Jumpers

Highly Recommended:  Baby walker

Optional: Baby Jumper

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Best Baby Walkers: Buying Guide

Baby walkers are an essential baby buy once he or she is 6-7 months of age and showing interest in becoming more mobile. These sturdy products are designed to support and nurture baby’s first steps, and increase baby’s exploration of the world around him.  The best ones feature multiple height positions, built in safety devices that stop the walker near steps and protectors around the lower base to protect your furniture and walls.  Many are packed with educational and musical activities as well as activity trays to make them more interactive. The one major downside to using a walker is the need to be very careful using them in homes with stairs. If used safely, however, walkers are great all-around items for physical and mental development, and the fact that they keep babies busy for long stretches of time far outweighs any downside that may be associated with them. They come in arrange of designs and price ranges from traditional wooden baby walkers to cheaper plastic options.

Baby Jumpers

Baby jumpers are another great product – they seem to encourage baby’s physical development and gross motor skills, and come in two main forms. The first is a doorway bouncer which features a safety harness and seat and a simple, safe clamp for the fitting the jumper to a door frame. These are highly compact, easy to use and cheap. The second type of jumper is a standalone jumper which often feature height adjustable seats as well as lights, sounds and music that are activated when baby jumps – helping baby to learn through cause and effect. If you buy a baby walker, we recommend buying only a doorway bouncer as a standalone jumper in addition is superfluous and will just clutter up your home.