Bespoke Baby Services

Bespoke Services

Initial Consultation and Ongoing Advice – £250

  • We have an initial discussion of your requirements at my Kensington location, over Skype or over email.
  • I make broad suggestions on nursery style, choice of pram, car seat and other important product choices and suggest lists which might be appropriate for you to look at.
  • You are responsible for putting together your own baby list, but at any point during your pregnancy or baby’s first year can contact me on email for further advice and input on which product choice is best for you.

Baby List Creation £ 500

  • We have  a detailed discussion of your requirements at my Kensington location, over Skype or over email.  This will include budget, desired nursery look, anticipated parenting style, product features that are important to you and more. Hopefully, you should be able to tell from our website just how up to speed we are with the latest baby and parenting developments, and how much effort we would put into making your baby list absolutely perfect.
  • I will personally compile your start to finish baby list – we can go through as many iterations as required to get you 100% satisfied with it.  You will complete the purchases.
  • Where this is completely different to any other baby list services is the fact that things are gathered from across retailers large and small.  You are not limited to what any given merchant carries and get a baby list that is completely bespoke to you and your baby.

Deluxe Baby List Creation – Price on Request

  • Deluxe baby list services may include a visit to your home if in the London area, ordering and arranging delivery of all items on your baby list, sourcing truly custom baby products from the US or Europe or anything else you can think of.  Please contact me at or via the contact form below with your requests and a quote.

Troubleshoot Your Baby’s Problem – £100

  • Feeling exhausted because your baby won’t sleep or overwhelmed by her dairy protein allergy and how to manage it?  Looking for help on how to wean or advice on how to baby proof your home?
  • Have you been scouring the web trying to find what you need, but never getting anywhere or finding products that actually work?
  • No, we are not midwives or doctors, but we are VERY good at research.  Send an email to with the problem you are trying to solve, and we will write back to you with a plan of action and products to try.

Our Services

If you require additional services to the options listed above or have any queries at all, please use the form below to get in touch or just email us at! We will respond very quickly to all inquiries.

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