Best Baby Carriers and Slings

Highly Recommended:  1 baby carrier or baby sling

Don’t forget to create baby lists to keep track of all your information and also that Crux Baby has put together a number of extremely helpful example lists of what to buy for baby to help guide you.

Buying Guide: Baby Carriers and Slings

The best baby carriers and slings enable you to carry your baby on your front in an ergonomic position, mimicking the natural way you hold your child – you enjoy the closeness between you and your child, while your hands are still free to do other things.  They help you bond with your baby and enable baby to be comforted by your smell and heartbeat, while you can get out and about or multi-task around the house.  Certain baby slings can be used for breastfeeding, while all carriers and slings are highly beneficial if your child suffers from reflux, colic or wind as holding them upright eases their discomfort.  They are very convenient if you have an older child, but don’t want to buy a tandem pushchair as you can push your older child while carrying baby on your front.  They are also extremely good for fathers who want to bond with their child, but find it much easier for Mum to do so.  Some of the slings and carriers can be tricky to figure out, and we recommend models that require a minimum of adjustments and are easy to get on and off by yourself and while juggling a crying baby.  Wide shoulder straps are a must for you, while it is critical that baby’s back and neck are well supported by lots of padding in the perfect ergonomic position.

Key Questions

  • Do you want a sling or baby carrier that is specifically designed for use from the newborn stage or one that is suitable for use up to the toddler years but might not be suitable for newborns?
  • Can an infant insert be added?
  • Who will be using your carrier?
  • Can it be adjusted for both Mum and Dad?
  • If you plan to use it for outdoor excursions, how easy is it to fold up and store?

Very popular throughout Europe and the UK the Baby Bjorn Baby Carriers are the most recognisable baby carrier, but Crux Baby also loves the  Ergobaby Baby Carrier which is a new import from America. The Oysterbaby Carrier and the Wallaboo sling are great for parents interested in attachment parenting and keeping baby even closer with a baby sling.