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Toys, Activity and Learning for Kids of All Ages

A curated collection of best toys, activity & learning tools for kids of all ages - games, gyms, puzzles, books, pretend play, classic toys & much more. Specifically for baby, we've got a handpicked selection of the best swings, rockers, playmats, baby gyms and more - everything you need to keep baby busy throughout the day

Kids Toys

Cool toys, games and things to do for kids, many you won't find on the high street


Encourage your baby's development as they grow up with great things to play, learn & do.

Pretend Play

Wonderful, interactive ways to encourage kids' imaginations & social skills

Soft Toys

Cuddly toys to comfort, soothe, teach and care for kids of all ages - many unique & handmade.

Rockers and Bouncers

A must have item - great for keeping baby busy and giving you some hands free time

Playmats and Baby Gyms

Another must have - great for both physical and mental development.

The Best Baby Walkers

Support and nurture baby's first steps & exploration while keeping him secure

Baby Toys

Stimulate senses, development & discovery of the exciting world around them.

The Importance of Reading to Your Child

We cannot emphasise enough the importance of reading to your child from the earliest possible age. It is a wonderful shared activity, but also lays the groundwork for listening, memory, learning and language skills needed slightly later in life while simultaneously teaching your baby about communication and the world around him. Numerous studies have showed that children who are read to from day one develop a higher aptitude for learning and do better in all facets of formal education. Singing is another natural way to communicate and bond with your child, and playing classical music or nursery rhyme CDs can further augment baby’s cognitive development when you are busy doing other things.


You can never get started too early

Legos and Blocks

Encourage imagination and manual dexterity


Great for teaching, great for bonding


Cognitive Development

The Best Baby Toys

The Best Toddler Toys

Cool Kids Stuff

Helpful Tools

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We know you’re busy, and buying for baby can frankly be overwhelming. How do you choose from what seems like millions of products? How do you know what will work for you as a parent? That’s why we’ve come up with a series of example lists of different mum prototypes…use them for inspiration in creating your own list and finding the products that best match your personality, your style, and your baby.
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We’ve asked mothers whose advice we value highly for their opinions on the best products they’ve purchased, the ones they never should have bought, and which products were/are “worth their weight in gold”. You might be surprised by what some of our mums have said…check out our Mum Profiles to find out!
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Struggling for inspiration on how to decorate baby’s nursery? Looking for a beautiful changing bag you can use without baby as well? Searching for unique baby clothing brands to make your baby stand out from the crowd? Get wonderful design ideas and view unique products in our Ideas and Inspiration pages.