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Moses Baskets Buying Guide

Required:  1 Moses basket, crib or portable bed (with mattress included)
Optional: 1 Moses basket rocking stand

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Moses Basket and Portable Crib Buying Guide

Both the NHS and The American Academy of Pediatrics recommend that baby should sleep on his back in a cot in the same room as you for the first six months of life, both day and night.  So unless you are planning to co-sleep with your baby 100% of the time or move baby’s cot into your bedroom, buying a Moses basket or crib will be necessary for the first half year.  These have the added benefits of being smaller and more womb-like spaces for infant’s emotional security and portable meaning you can carry them around the house with you and do not always have to put baby down to sleep in your bedroom. Placing the Moses basket or crib right next to your own bed makes feeding and comforting easier in the middle of the night as well. As with cot beds, your unit should have a firm mattress that fits snugly without any space around the edges – the vast majority of units include mattresses. A rocking stand for your Moses basket can be very beneficial in helping lull baby to sleep through gentle motion.

You should stop using your portable Moses basket or crib once baby reaches the weight limit or can sit up and roll over on his own. And remember to exercise caution on where you put the Moses basket or crib when you have other young children or pets around your home.

We have a number of options here which are truly innovative and appropriate for different needs. For a fun look, check out the Joules on the Farm Moses Basket while if it is something more traditional you are after go for something like the Emile et Rose Moses Basket in white or the Boori Sleigh Bassinette.  For stately home grandeur and a dramatic nursery centre piece, look at the Orpheus Round Cot from Bambizi – sure to be a future design classic.  The NCT Bednest or brand new SnuzPod from The Little Green Sheep are slightly more expensive than a traditional Moses Basket, but are ideal for keeping your baby close to you and making it much easier to feed and settle baby in the  middle of the night.  Finally, there is the much loved Sleepyhead – now firmly entrenched as a Mum favourite, it is a portable and versatile baby bed you can easily move around with you throughout the day.