New Baby Checklist – What to Buy After Baby Arrives

New Baby Checklist

What to Buy After Baby is Born - Including Things Many Parents Come Back For

Nursing Clothes

Required: Approximately 4 good quality tops with discrete drop panels that can be used during breastfeeding; 4-6 nursing tanks than can be worn day and night; 4-6 good quality, custom fitted nursing bras (if your maternity bras were not designed for breastfeeding)
Highly Recommended: 1-2 specially designed nursing dresses with discrete panels for breastbeeding that can be worn for work and special occasions

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Baby Care Guides

Highly Recommended: 2 books on child development
Recommended: 1-2 books on weaning with recipes included

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Lightweight Strollers

Highly Recommended: Lightweight or “umbrella” stroller

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Additional Nursery Furniture

Required: Additional storage bins or boxes – we told you you’d be surprised at how much storage baby’s things require!
Recommended: A nursing chair or glider – many women choose not to buy this initially, but then come back to purchase one to make breastfeeding much more comfortable.
Optional: A separate changing station – again an option that parents frequently forego initially, but then come back to buy.

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Portable Beds

Highly Recommended 1 Portable Baby Bed such as the Sleepyhead – again, this is a purchase many parents come back for after being home with baby

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Highly Recommended: 1-2 complete bedding sets or cot bumper and quilt set
Optional: 1 ergonomic sleep positioner or support wedge, 1-2 cot mattress protectors

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Nursery Accessories and Decoration

Highly Recommended: Black out blinds, sleep aids

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Baby Clothing Essentials

Required: 6-8 short sleeved bodysuits, 6-8 long sleeved bodysuits, 8-12 sleepsuits, 4-6 pairs of trousers or leggings, 8-12 pairs of socks, 2-4 pairs of booties or shoes, 4-6 cardigans or jumpers, 2-3 winter hats, 2-3 pram suits or jackets
Highly Recommended: 4-6 short sleeved rompers, 4-6 long sleeved rompers, 2-3 sun hats, 4-6 outfits for dressing up or special occasions

These are the quantities recommended for 3-6m and 6-12m baby clothes. Obviously adjust quantities depending on the season, your baby’s size and what you already have. Certainly lower quantities if you find you have been doing the laundry very often!

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Required: 1-2 breastfeeding shawls or covers, lanolin cream for sore nipples
Highly Recommended: Breast pump (electric highly recommended over manual), milk collection bottles or bags
Recommended: breastfeeding pillow, a selection of breastfeeding aids as issues arise

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Bottle Feeding

Required: Newborn bottles and teats if you bottle feed from day one; larger bottle and teats (quantity dependent on the stage at which you stop breastfeeding); baby formula before 1 year of age; cold water, microwave or steam steriliser; bottle and teat cleaning brushes; formula dispenser for use on the go
Optional: Bottle feeding starter kit

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Baby Proofing

Required: Drawer and cupboard locks, safety gates for homes with stairs
Recommended: Socket covers, table corner cushions
Optional: Fireguard, door guard, toilet lock

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Highly Recommended: 1 flexible foldable bath tub, 1 bath seat, 5-10 bath toys
Recommended: 1 bath stand

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Toys, Activity and Learning

Required: At least 1 bouncy seat, rocker or baby swing; 12-15 baby toys for over 6 months
Highly Recommended: Jumper; baby walker; 4-6 baby puzzles, 2-3 sets of Legos or baby blocks; baby floor seat
Recommended: Play pen or travel cot, 3-4 educational DVDs

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Health and First Aid Essentials

Required: Calpol, baby ibuprofen, 12 sachets of Dioralyte, cough syrup, vapour rub, hydrocortisone cream, calamine lotion, nasal drops, ear drops, liquid medicine dispensers or syringes, antiseptic wipes, small and large bandages, sterile gauze, sterile swabs, cotton wool, plasters, tweezers, scissors, surgical tape, latex free gloves
Highly Recommended: baby multivitamin, baby DHA, baby vitamin D (now required by NHS)
Recommended: Teething gel, baby probiotics
Optional: colic relief, pre-packed first aid kit, air purifier or humidifier

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Required: Highchair, 6-8 utensil sets, 4-6 weaning spoons, 6-8 bowls, 4-6 plates, 4-6 plastic bibs, 2-4 first sippy cups, 4-6 toddler cups with straws, baby rice or porridge
Recommended: 10-20 small storage pots, 20-40 large storage pots, steamer or blender
Optional: store bought jars or pouches of baby food

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Postnatal Care

Highly Recommended: Postnatal new mum vitamins
Recommended: body shaping moisturiser, belly support band or girdle
Optional: books for first time parents, exercise DVDs

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Highly Recommended: Travel bottle warmer
Recommended: Travel cot, booster seat or travel highchair, UV sun shades for car
Optional: Travel cot mattress, travel black out blinds, sun tent

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