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Nursery Decorating Guide

Required:  Nappy bin, laundry hamper
Highly Recommended:  Black out blinds, cot mobile, sleep aid
Optional: Wall decorations, nursery rug, night light, room thermometer

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Nursery Decorating Guide

Choose a decorative theme for baby’s nursery that coordinates with your own personal style and build a cohesive look around that – try to make it suitable for newborns as well as older babies.  It is useful to pick a stylistic focal point – the cot bed and the bedding you choose, a large window and some beautiful accompanying curtains, some pretty wall decorations or paintings, or even a set of large stuffed toys. Rugs are useful as a play area if you have hard floors and can add bright colour and decorative flourish. Designate an area for changing essentials, breastfeeding aids and anything else you will use frequently and develop a system for sorting and storing baby clothes by age and season. Make safety a priority, don’t forget to have lots of storage, and start planning early!

Wall Decorations

Wall stickers are an easy-to-use and highly effective way of creating the perfect nursery style for your baby, with many beautiful and fun options available. An added benefit is that you can change them easily as your baby grows without needing to completely redesign or repaint baby’s room. We have an extensive array of beautiful decorating ideas hand chosen by tastemakers and trendsetters.


Rugs are wonderful and simple decoration for your baby’s nursery – choose simple white or ivory for an elegant look or something bright and patterned to liven up baby’s nursery. Rugs are also highly useful in doubling as soft play mats when you have hard wood floors.

Rocking Chairs

If you plan to breastfeed, you will absolutely need a comfortable place in which to do it without damaging your back, neck and arms too much.  While layering pillows and blankets is an easy solution, ergonomically designed nursing glider chairs are a great option if you can afford them – and many of them look great too so can serve as a decorative focal point for your child’s room and be used long afterwards for reading bedtime stories or just relaxing.

Bedding Sets

There is a stunning array of bedding to make baby’s nursery truly his or her own – choose from bold, modern designs or classic white designs.  We have handpicked some of the best nursery bedding sets from around the world.


you will want to get a number of flexible boxes or bins that lie on the floor or can slide under baby’s bed for housing all the extraneous baby gear you find you have nowhere else to store! These are useful not only in baby’s nursery but for keeping your main living spaces organised.

Buying Guide: Accessories for Baby Nursery

There is a wide array of accessories available for baby’s nursery, but the only items we consider essential are a nappy bin and a laundry hamper.  Of the highly recommended products, all three are related to baby’s sleep – black out blinds, cot mobiles and baby sleep aids are extremely useful in settling baby and millions of parents swear by them.  Black out blinds also prevent the room from becoming too hot during the day and could reduce the risk of SIDS.

Black Out Blinds

The sleep rhythms of babies are much different to that of adults and it can take until 3 or 4 years of age before their circadian rhythms become fully established.  Sleep is such an issue for so many parents that we would highly recommend the use of blackout blinds from day one in helping establish good sleep patterns for baby. We understand the concerns of many parents who say they don’t want their child to get used to sleeping only in the dark, and choose not to use blackout blinds at the start.  But if you find your baby constantly waking up at 4-5am even after they are six months old, he or she will very likely need help setting good sleep habits and blackout blinds can come in handy even at that stage.

Cot Mobiles

Cot mobiles are a long-standing tool used by parents to lull babies to sleep with repetitive swaying movements of comforting images alongside gentle lullaby music.  While still used for this purpose, many of today’s multipurpose cot mobiles are also useful for entertaining your young baby when you need to place him down in order to get things done around your home.

Nappy Bins

Many parents to be have never heard of nappy bins, but they become an indispensable item once you have them for minimising odours and setting good hygiene standards for your home.

Laundry Hampers

An obvious choice for setting aside baby’s soiled clothes – if you don’t already own a spare, it’s an essential item that many parents forget to buy.

Sleep Aids

The products in this category are simple yet effective and proven tools for settling restless babies and toddlers into a peaceful slumber. Many of them are “white noise” machines which play womb sound combinations to comfort newborns as they make the difficult transition to the external world, and “pink noise” sound combinations suitable for older babies and toddlers.

Night Lights

Night lights often come in handy when your baby is a bit older and starts to fear the darkness.  They are still very useful for parents with young babies who need to enter and exit baby’s room at night for feeding, securing and settling baby with a minimum of fuss.

Room Thermometers

Useful in guaranteeing baby’s health and safety, but definitely not essential a room thermometer for baby’s nursery will remind you at a glance to change baby’s bedding or room environment.