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Nursery & Kids Rooms - Furniture, Design & Decor

Handpicked collection of stunning furniture for nursery & kids rooms, coordinating furniture sets, beautiful bedding and amazing decorating ideas. Beauty, Comfort, Style and Function all in one place.

Furniture for Nursery & Kids Rooms

Tailor your room to meet your needs with this comprehensive curated selection of the cots, beds, mattresses, wardrobes, storage units, nursing chairs and changing units

Beautiful Furniture

A handpicked selection of unique & fabulous decorating finds for your kids rooms to create a space where they love to spend time – from fun wallpaper and wall decoration, to beautiful rugs, practical curtains and totally cool personalised chairs they will love.

From cool, practical high sleeper beds with built in storage to fun bean bag chairs for playing & reading, we have furniture & decor to suit every budget, style and need.

Consider your price range, space, ease of furniture use, durability and whether furniture is multi-functional. Invest in the best possible furniture you can afford – especially for mattresses which are important for your child’s physical development. Practical storage solutions are especially important for kids rooms.

Nursery Furniture Room Sets

Effortlessly achieve a great look with these cot bed, dresser and wardrobe sets - from sleek contemporary designs to classic looks, from high-end luxury down to great value for money options

Design your dream baby nursery

Choose from a range contemporary styles with clean fresh lines or classic designs with traditional craftsmanship. Whether you want an oasis of calming white or an interactive, engaging colourful design for your little one, nursery furniture sets take the fuss out of buying.

You will still need to buy a mattress (an oft underlooked area where you should buy the best that you can afford). You will also find items such as stylish nursing gliders or beautiful, practical storage units here.

This is the easiest and most efficient way to buy furniture. Save by buying pieces together in a set.

Choose from the best British, European and American brands – high end luxury or more affordable high street names. This is the single biggest purchase you will make – treat it as an investment in your child’s future and get the best you can afford, furniture that will grow with your baby into the childhood years.

Consider your price range, the space, the storage you already have, durability, safety standards, and efficiency – ideally furniture will be used into the childhood years. Look for lots of storage and furniture that is multipurpose – dressers that can be used as changing stations, and wardrobes that can accommodate clothes as well as feeding and first aid equipment. Think about safety – the best furniture for babies has clean lines and simple designs to prevent choking and strangling risks.

Beautiful Bedding

Complete bedding sets for older children and babies, cool kids duvets, baby sleeping bags, swaddle blankets, receiving blankets & more

Moses Baskets, Rocking Cribs and Portable Beds

Recommended by the NHS and the American Academy of Pediatrics as the recommended way for baby to sleep in the first six months

Decor & Design

Create a space they will love with elements ranging from personalised wall art to rugs, play tables, desks and more.

Room in a Box

Coordinated sets of curtains, blankets, sheets, bumpers & other accessories

Cozy Sleeping Bags

Temperature regulating and practical - keeps baby from kicking blankets off

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      Nursery Furniture Room Sets
      Fabulous Furniture Finds
      Decor & Design
      Beautiful Bedding
      Moses Baskets & Cribs
      Peace of Mind

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