1 year Baby Play Toys

Baby toy 1 year

One set with 18 children's play mat. Like a six-year-old put it, "I faced my fears." Might my infant have autism? Folds her hand in agitation and when they are furious, she folds so that her hand slaps each other, then her face. It becomes extreme desperate and annoyed at the tremors and it will run and run when a telephone is ringing, vacuum cleaner is on or grass-cutter.

She' been spinning in circles since she could leave, and her eye is looking to the side.

Asked by me for a hug, she jumps into hysteria, drops everything she holds in her hand and runs to me, then presses her skull into mine for me to hug her while she laughs, and then seriously lets everything back to what she was on about.

For a year now very tied to my mobile when she sees that I'm using it, she will take it and play with it, she'll take it anywhere, I got her a tray for herself, but she would prefer my mobile for it. I' ve had to put her to bed every single evening in the last year and I still will, she will only go to bed when she goes to bed around 1:30 - 2 in the morning, I have tried everything you can think of to get a regular early morning schedule, but it's not possible, it's like taking your physical perception of it.

We' d be in the refrigerator and she'll close our heads in it and she'll be very disappointed and angry if the doors don't close. She' not gonna play with anything in the parks that she just wants to run. It'?s not like she likes to have tacky or dirty fingers. When the same particular advertisement appears on TV, she puts her hand over her eye, and when the first ( Disney figurine ) girl begins to sing on TV, she stared as if she enjoyed it, after about a moment of tearing from her eye, and she trembled as if scared.

MUST be things like legos and pads in color order, they'll all be stacked the same height, and in color order, if I mixed the colors up and added larger Legos to the smaller ones, she was really angry, moving my hands away and bringing them back into color and form order.

She' s not afraid of foreigners, my husband-girlfriend (who never saw my daughters) just came by the other night to rent something, and she didn't make eyecontact with him, but rather took his fingers and draggled him to her playroom, she does that with all the members of her extended household. She' s been observing the club house of Mikey Maus since she was four years old and is still looking at it, she will be looking at it all morning as she piles up her legos or mugs.

it has a great shape when I scrub her coat, but even better to scrub her tooth, every single day my man or my older boy has to help me keep it, to scrub her tooth, it'shy and it' s so exciting, but our doctor said it was important because he doesn't want to put her to sleep, because if he does, he won't just give her a fill, the tooth has to come out!

My wife loves to play with my husband's legs (CRINGE)!!!!! Can' t sit or stand and swallow her drinks. She has to lay down to sip. She' s not scared of the darkness, she will lock herself in a pitch-black room and play in it. She' just starting to slap her hands. That' a good idea.

Unless we say alcohol, rum drums, rum drums, or telephone, she doesn't even know what we're saying.

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