1 year Child Toys

1-Year Children's Toys

One, two, fasten my shoe. These chemicals also act as carcinogenic agents and can cause eye irritation. These chemicals also act as carcinogenic agents and can cause eye irritation. At the beginning of the year a nine-year-old female Brit had " chemically burned " after her soft toys Soft'n Exploded Lo in her hand and left her crying in agony. Toys made of expanded plastic are similar to shots of stresses and are mainly imports from Japan.

There are a number of different makes of toys made in Japan that are usually formed like foods or pets. Whilst the paper does not mention any particular chemical, it does warn that the most vulnerable child is those who are sleeping with the toy next to them or who have several in their bedrooms. "There may be a general issue with all acquishies on the open road.

"Not to be put back on the shelf until it can be demonstrated that they do not release chemical substances that can be hazardous to them. However, Toy Industries of Europe denounced the research as "weak", claiming that the rating of only 12 toys was not sufficient to call for a prohibition. The spokesman for the British Department of Enterprise, Energy and Industry Strategy (BEIS), which governs food security, did not say whether it would take the final step to prohibit the toy.

"Keeping human beings safer is the government's top policy and the UK's standards for food containment are among the highest in the whole wide range. This is the third children's dungarees that the retail dealer called back in a single months for the same reasons.

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