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For free on Facebook: Learn how to conserve tens of thousands of pounds of baby items by knocking on parents' bulletin boards on-line. There is a big tendency for mothers who have benefited from their baby needs to pass them on to greedy new mothers - free on Facebook. "I' ve been using the Layla bandwagon since Layla's birth and especially on two Facebook forums," she said. Helmut Helen estimated that she has about 150 "free" things on the fora.

Kate Reader, 30, a trained voice coach from Nunthorpe, is one of the mothers who gives things away through on-line parent boards after using them for Will, two years old. However, there seems to be a general practice - to reciprocate favor by giving things to other new mothers instead of reselling them for gain.

Every piece of equipment must be inspected by a suitably trained professional to make sure it meets certain requirements. They may have noted that charities don't usually resell electronics because they don't hire anyone to test them.

Used & new strollers & baby carriages

Where do I know if my strollers are secure? How about the flame retardancy standards? Every pram and buggy, whether new or used, must be secure. Security standards and test procedures. Strollers and baby carriages are defines as : A number of controls can be performed on a used stroller to make sure it is still secure, among which making sure that there are no hard corners, making sure the seat belt is in good shape, making sure that the brakes are locked and inspecting the stroller's sturdiness.

The supply of an unsafe products is a violation of the General Rules on Consumer Products in 2005. Further information on these regulations can be found under "General products safety: dealers" and "General products safety: manufacturers". Every padded pram and stroller (new and used) must also meet strict flame retardancy standards. Where do I know if my strollers are secure?

When strollers and baby carriages have been broken or altered, they may no longer conform to the standards. How about the flame retardancy standards? Every padded pram and stroller (new and used) must conform to the strict flame retardancy standards set out in the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulation 1988. In addition, new strollers and buggies must be fitted with durable stickers and displays that indicate how they conform to the rules.

Where used articles do not bear a durable sticker with the words'CARELESSESS CAUSES FIRE', it must be considered that they do not meet the conditions and should therefore not be marketed. Failure to meet the above mentioned conditions is an infringement. It may also waive some or all of your uncertain goods.

In the event that a given item causes bodily harm or material loss, the Contractor may be obliged to make considerable efforts. In addition, if new marketed goods are found to be in violation of the law, the producer or distributor could be obliged to call back all affected wares. For information on changes to UK law, see the'More resources' page of each links; changes to EU law are usually included in the text.

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