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My money is not much and I am keen on 2nd Hand Baby/Kids Stuff Singapore. Getting a new baby can be expensive and it is tempting to save a few pounds by buying second hand. Is used toy safety? Protecting your baby In January 2018, a survey in Environmental Science & Technology magazine examined 200 household and charity toy products from second-hand stores and kindergartens in the southwest of England. You wanted to find out whether older, used plastics could present a security hazard for them.

Scientists indicated that if one of these gadgets were to be masticated several times over a long interval, it could be "chronically toxic" for a baby.

There were no security issues when using the toy, the possible dangers lay in masticating it and placing it in the children's mouth. Consultation when purchasing used toy and play with grandma's heirlooms: Old playthings are not subjected to today's strict security controls and rules. Take special care with the plush animal eye.

Do not use old lacquered tiles if the colour contains stains. The flammability of children's clothing is unlikely. Are there any security marks for playthings? Launched in 1988 by the British Society of Tourism and Hobby, it is a reliable synonym for the security and workmanship of children's play. CE marking and the name and adress of the suppliers are legally prescribed and may be affixed to all EU sales of children's playthings.

This CE marking certifies to the suppliers that the toys meet the European Toys Directive's security standards and may be transported and marketed throughout the EU. CE marking is a trading symbol and does not demonstrate either qualitiy or security, so always pay attention to the dandelion sign.

What is the best way to keep a toy cleaned? Used toy can be very dirty and probably not hygienic. Purification of plush animals: The majority of plush animals can be sprayed with desinfectant sprays or washed in the washer. Cleansing of rigid toys: In order to wash tough toy, disconnect all battery and mopping it with a damp towel, warm running tap fluid and desinfectant.

The play with inherited objects and toy with vintage value is valuable and brings new memory. Please also note the security issues mentioned above.

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