4 Months Baby Girl Clothes

Baby Girl Clothing 4 Months

Show 1-48 of over 10,000 results for Clothing: Baby: Baby Girls 0-24m. ( 1 ) - Gruffalo 3-piece dress & pantyhose set (0-24 months). Greet a new addition to the family with something special from our latest baby clothing and accessories collection for boys and girls aged 0-4. During the 1960s, the South Wales valleys were flooded by industrial clothing factories.

Took me five long months to get ready for the factory floor.

It'?s just living as a factor: a worker: Disgusting Work, Comradeship and Sextism

During the 1960' the southern Wales valley was flooded by garment mills. Here the engineer Terry Jones, 67, in his own words declares what it was like to be a maid in a company between 1966 and 1975. When I came back from the intermission, I recall one day at the plant when I saw a memo supported against my saw.

However, all throughout the whole afternoon the gals played the LP of Susan Maughan's "Bobby's Girl" over and over again. In retrospect, this was a cute, blameless instant from the shop window showing how lush I was. At the age of 15.5 I had entered the business directly from college, and it was the first time I knew about the game.

I wasn't interested in further training or colleges, I had wanted cash and some autonomy, and the plant seemed to be the closest place. However, the work in the plant was on a very different scale. Took me five long months to get up and running on the shop floor. Here I went along with several hundred ladies, all of whom made mostly high quality Mary Quant jackets with check and stripe.

However, the high-qualified female occupants in the back of the room were on bags, zippers and knobs. Reward was the proper amount of cash we got - about four quid a dollar a week. I kept the remainder for myself, spent it on clothes or dance, or went to the movies. This was the beginning of the female purchasing revolution, but I always made sure I was saving a few by opening a postal saving bank and collecting two Schillings a month.

However, industrial activity was about much more than just making out. It was the pivotal period in my career when I was growing up - from girl to wife. Several of the girls were frightening - it was very territory and you couldn't just go and just be where you wanted to be.

Tricks were played and I recall that the older ladies sent me to the storeroom to ask for rubbers or stained wool - none of which were there. "Once my boyfriend Gary was sent - also new - to ask for a pail of vapor for the Hoffman clothes iron.

When a girl gets hitched, we'll be very horrible to her. Teaching me the facts of real things - about sexuality, lovemaking, relationships I had never learned at university. And we made baby robes and caps and blankets for the crib. but we were all in the same place.

In 1971, on one occassion, the plant took over the job of sewing new hats, and the chefs asked if I would sculpt a bra to show what it was like. I put it on and pushed myself up and down in the shop hall, completely happily, because that means I could keep the clothes afterwards.

I believe that if a machine operator became pregnant after six months they were released and often not taken back. Well, the cash I made was spending it for me. Just lived the kind of lives my mom and dad had seen before. Naturally I gradually learned that it was a man's paradise and that things had to be changed, but that was especially after I had moved out of the factory and got a truck driving position.

Now we felt robbed, as if something had been taken from us. Maybe our factories weren't flawless, but it was one of the luckiest days of my Iife.

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