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Baby girl

Have a look at our handpicked list of unique baby names that will help you choose a maiden name for your newborn. Do you think of names for your upcoming little girl? There is a list of unique, new, popular, traditional and newest English maiden names.

Extraordinary Baby Girl Names| Extraordinary Girl Names

In search of uncommon baby name? When you need to be inspired about what to call your new baby, we have a thousand baby name concepts - here are our most popular uncommon baby labels to help you get inspired. If you' re looking for a baby name that no one else on the pitch will have, or just want to find an idea for a baby name that goes beyond the standard, check out our unique baby name listing and begin creating a picker.

And if you like these uncommon faces, take a look at our old fashioned faces - or how about the ones the celebrities have selected for their baby? Chosing your baby's name is one of the most important choices that you as a new parental will make, so make a nice tea and get involved for five moments with our baby name minder.

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Girls English Baby Names | Girls List Girls English Girl Names

Our name comes from England or has a very strong relation to England. If you are a parents looking for an English-language name for your baby, if you look up the meanings of your name or if you are only interested in the girls' name, this website is perfect for you.

You' ll find this site very useful if you are looking for: hints and advices on how to choose a girl's name, what the most favourite girls' name is, information on the story of girl's maiden name, girl's name tradition and much more. And if you're also looking for an English Boy's Name, visit our affiliate website here.

Here is the first section of the girls' lists:

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