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Complimentary P & P Available. Baby toy with a clip to attach to a pram. If the baby pulls the cuddly toy, the toy is pulled upwards when it vibrates. We have teamed up with Leicestershire-based toy manufacturer Jomanda to develop a range of soft, lovable toys for babies.

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Mom listened to a baby toy say, "F**k! F**k! to her kid - and said she was concerned that the kid's first words might be 18 times filthy. She says, "Her first words were Mama, and I would have been appalled if she had learned more words from that toy. My partner's six-year-old girl was also there and she said that she was saying an indecent thing.

Babe shower: Charming Charlie, the eagle, stole babies' toys, then regrets it by pouring presents on them.

Watch a movie showing a puppy pouring a toy on a baby to do penance for having stolen one of their puppies. The movie has become a viral show, seen by over a million and more. It starts with Charlie, the beagle who steals a rattling from the chuckling baby. Charlie quickly returns when the robbery makes the baby cry to try to do penance, but the weeping baby disregards him.

Charlie is then shown showering the baby with one present after another.

A few folks made a breastfeeding baby toy.

However, the general agreement is that this present child care age loses interest in the things that are really important, such as taking care of the babies they will have in 25 years and, more seriously, nourishing them with their warts. You know those little puppets you used to ladle with sweet-smelling cherryplums?

My estimate is that they were a semi-acceptable midway between childhood and maternity - a reasonable way to meet little girls' need for childcare - but someone has at last found a way to omit this deliciously scented mediator (and adolescence, sexuality, pregnancy and birth ) by freeing a puppet that sucks directly at your child's areola.

Babies carry a "fashionable bib" (vomit) with two nipple replacement blossoms, and babies go to the city on their pre-pubescent breast (double vomit). Any toy that promotes the notion that young women have sex drive may sound a little like they' re being taught to own and care for their pubes, or forced to hear you inserting a pad.

In order to find the reasons why someone would make a toy that would allow kids to ridicule themselves, I phoned Berjuan Toys, the manufacturer of the puppet, and spoke to an anonym speaker. Hey, Mr. Mother's milk baby. Spokeswoman for Breastmilk Baby: It is our puppet that encourages the notion that the healthiest, best way to nourish a baby is through breast-feeding, and it is important that everyone knows this from the first moment of being.

It' gonna be good for moms and company. Now, little daughters see their mothers nursing their brothers and sisters, and they still copy that noises. Attractive baby dolls that perform a really important role. What are you keeping little ladies waiting to find out about breast-feeding? It' just the right way to be feeding a baby, so why would you want to keep that from your little girl?

We won the Mom's Choice Award, organizations around the globe are really excited about the products and we had a thousand testimonials saying, "Wow, that's great. Our products are supported 100 per cent by specialists, physicians and breast-feeding organizations. There are little daughters who breast-feed their baby all the while - there's nothing new here.

Isn' it somewhat unreasonable for kids to fake that they have fully mature lactic breasts? In all honesty, I think that Barbie little girl Barbie toys sexualize much more than our toys. There'?s nothing sex ually about breast-feeding. Breast-feeding the female is not the issue; it is the individual with the issue that is the issue.

Even more scary dolls:

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