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Charming baby outfits

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Madeleine Princess Splits New Image of Baby Princess Adrienne

Madeleine and Chris O'Neill have split enchanting new photographs of their third kid, the little Adrienne - and she is the sweetest sleepy beautiful. On Friday, the King of Sweden presented a series of new images that make Madeleine and her second daughters a perfect match for her dress, along with a note to her followers.

"Thanks for all the friendliness we received at the time of the delivery of our youngest Adrienne," the pair commented. On one picture the triple nut keeps her princess at her breast while she is sleeping with her open-mouthed. One of the three new snaaps gives the mother-daughter pair a fitting touch as they both are posing in rose outfits.

On another picture you can see Madeleine holding her baby napping maid in her hands while Daddy Chris affectionately puts his arm around both of them. Photographs taken by palace artist Erika Gerdemark were taken before the christening of Adrienne in June. King of Sweden was the show's shooting celebrity, while her older brothers and sisters, Princess Leonore, four and two year old Nicolas, were not present during the shooting.

Madeline and Chris, 43, greeted their third baby on March 9. At the beginning of this months Madeleine had her first assignment after mothership. Princess Silvia brought her back into the limelight for a reunion with her mom Queen Silvia at the World Childhood Foundation. Madeleine, who made her debut with Adrienne's image on her Instagram accounts, told the story of her daughter's baptism - who has a particular date - before Adrienne's image.

Charles XVI Gustaf of Sweden announces that Adrienne will be baptized at the Drottingholm Palace Church on 8 June, the day of Madeleine and Chris' marriage.

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