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Childrens clothes and sodas

In the 1980s, in Amsterdam, a town strongly linked to the brands prosperity, Skotch & Soda was inaugurated. In 2010, Scandinavian soda and carbonate producers are proud of their roots and call their 2010 projects "Amsterdam Blauw®", a prestige line of high-end deminished products designed by the prêt-à-porter family.

Back to the beginning of scrap & soda. In 2000, the company's corporate culture and corporate identities, its DNS, were developed under the impetus of 3 executives who breathed new life into it. With the spring-summer 2002 season, new editions of Schotch and Soda were launched.

Today, the company is continually integrating new global factors to produce affordable, high value items, always with a love of detail. At Scotch & Soda we give our designers a free hand this year to create their own unique and very individual collection. Of course, this can also be found in the Scotch & Soda children's collection Scotch Shrunk and Scotch R'Belle.

In 2008, the company came up with the concept of suggesting a children's line and producing a miniscule variation of the men's series. Their first Scotch Shrunk line was launched in spring and soon followed. Inspired by men's fashions, the creation of Kinder-Prêt-à-Porter was a completely new and challenging one. Today Scotch Shrunk is a trademark in itself and was loved in the children's clothing age.

As with Scotch and soda, one victory goes hand in hand. In spring/summer 2010, the first women's line was introduced under the name Maison Scotch. The year 2010 was also the year of the introduction of Barfly, the first Scotch & Soda fragrance. Scotch Shrunk was inspired by the Scotch and Soda men's collections, and Scotch R'Belle was designed as Maison Scotch's "little sister" for youngsters.

The Scotch R'Belle was released in Spring/Summer 2011 and the succes was once again in sight.

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