All Baby needs

Everything the baby needs

Zoƫ said there were positive moments to appreciate in the midst of all the worries. Anything your baby needs is you. New parents may be discouraged by the first few weeks of a baby's life. During the first six months, all the food your baby needs comes from the breast. Maybe you and your baby just need a little more practice.

Anything your baby needs is you. Sheer love.

A baby's first few week of service can be discouraging for newcomers. Recent research* shows that the proportion of new mothers who are sure they are taking care of their baby decreases by almost 10% in the first few and a half years after birth. Ordered for our #PureLove marketing effort, our new movie is designed to build that trust by showing new mothers how stunning their body is.

This movie shows an experimental by the world-famous "skin to skin" specialist Dr. Susan Ludington, showing the scientists behind Haut zu Haut and the innate powers a mother has to take good care of her baby. Three new mothers, Dr. Ludington, with cardiac, respiratory and respiratory equipment and infra-red technologies to measure bodily temperatures, enabled them to watch the old infants of their day while keeping them in a wrapped posture and then keeping their skins on their breasts.** All three mothers saw how this skin-to-skin interaction controlled their baby's respiration, cardiac frequency, blood pressure and blood pressure within five seconds of keeping them in that posture.

Nine month's time is spent making a baby and giving birth. And once a baby is conceived, a mother's physique will continue to do unbelievable things for her baby - she even has the capacity to control the baby's biological balance by just sticking her baby skins to the baby's skins. One in five mothers (21 percent) of new mothers feels the strongest pressure in the first 3-6 working days after the baby is conceived (in comparison to only 10 percent of fathers who experience trust pressure in this period). 15 percent of mothers experience trust pressure after the first working day, another 14 percent after two workweeks.

Both for new mothers and for fathers, the three main causes of this loss of trust are just - 1. Fatigue (64 percent) 2. Restless baby (41 percent) 3. As we know, the neonate is much more sensitive than ours and the importance of skins to skins in the relationship between parents and children.

However, what surprised us in this experience was the pure biological skin-to-skin approach and the innate strength that a mom has to stabilize and calm the baby in the first few week of lifetime just by skin-to-skin touch. Hopefully, this movie will show new mothers that they already satisfy all their baby needs."

We encourage mom and dad to exchange their responses to the movie and their own experience of applying skins to skins during the first few months of their baby's lives on online community content with the #PureLove hash tag.

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