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Shower of shit: with these two prep parties on board.

Whether you are a 18-45 year old lady who lives in the UK, can become a pregnant parent or works with women close to you or members of your immediate families with the same ability, you may have recently been somehow implicated in the most irritating tweeting and unpleasant American imports since Taylor Swift.

I' m talking of course about this uniquely despicable and extravagant kind of torturing that they (they say a great deal, don't they?) call the baby party. It will be a very expectant wife who has almost certainly been called to dress and give up the comforts of her own home against her will if she would really rather be in her pyjamas/bath/bed as most females deserve in the end phase of pregnancy.

Dependent on the type of society of the expectant wife, there will be either a cry of screechingly aroused females in their best dresses, or a hopelessness of slightly astounded females who question their option to give up a beautiful week-end afternoons for this tomfoolery. Some really terrible matches will be played, based on a variety of sex biotypes, often shaming expectant mothers.

What I can find out is that baby douches came from the USA and concerned older, more skilled members of the fellowship who gathered at the home of a young pregnant woman and "showered" her with counsel and useful hints. Today's aspects came later, from small symbolic presents to today's outbursts of baby related commodities.

Now there are whole sites devoted to pitching the ideal baby party, as well as sites and stores that provide wish lists service so that expectant mothers can choose exactly what they want their boyfriends to buy to welcome their new arrivals. I' d say that our outdated civilization of celebrity adoration has fueled the growing baby party over here.

In the early'00s I recall seeing pictures in Heat magazines of Kate Moss, Sadie Frost and Sharleen Spiteri taking part in baby parties, in the early'00s, along with breathtaking reports and sophisticated detailing of all the design items given as gifts (to females who could probably buy anything they wanted for their baby, and who would almost certainly get free prints from the designer/manufacturer in return for one or two photos).

Earlier in the century, Victoria Beckham was reported to have had so many presents at her Harper Seven baby party a few years ago that she gave most of them to charities. We were pampered last year with hectares of photographs of Kim Kardashian and her patrons in a showers that seemed about 17x more sumptuous than the sum of all the marriages I've ever been to, myself included.

It seems that only this past weekend L'il Kim has won her own baby gift lovers on Twitter. Most of these females have experienced at least one flamboyant and high-profile marriage, the reporting of which is intended to spur the rife consumptionism of the 21 st Century marriage industries. Obviously, it wasn't difficult for anyone to realize that sumptuous feasts for other living occasions would be a lucky little cash nut, and pick Puff Pof, we have the baby party.

I am a little on the sullen and antisocial side, but when it comes to those I like (not least myself), I am very happy to celebrate lifetime experiences. However, I recently went to a baby party and realized that there are two things about this particular type of festivity that really annoy me.

Historically in the UK we have been waiting for a baby to arrive safely before handing out gifts, and then you have to make up your mind whether you ask the new parent what they want, or whether you make orchoice. It is also up to you to determine the size/value of your present, depending on whether you are a godfather, a tangential relative, or the daughter-in-law of your best friend co-worker.

Babyshowers seem to bypass this aspects of donation controls and instead involve a big "OMG I'M HAVING A BABY AND YOU ARE ALL THE PEOPLE I THINK SHOULD Giving ME PRESENTS SO COME TO MY PARTY ANDBRING ME ALL THE STUFF. Anyone who guesses how long a length of cord is needed to pass all the way around the pregnant abdomen?

And then I start struggling with the broader societal effects of baby parties. Again and again feminists encounter close, restricted demands on their abilities, and in the last hundred years or so female feminists have done much to counteract them. However, baby shower and their kind are really very difficult.

Naturally, she compared the disequilibrium between celebrating marriages and celebrating single people (which is also annoying), but there is something to consider about how females are celebrating. Expensive marriages and expensive baby games can increase a woman's temporary position in her community, but they are effective in limiting our perception of societal benefits to slip and match, thus reducing the position of females in the community.

Besides everything else, they make you put matches under your nails and pee off your own skins just to take your mind off all the chocolaty diapers and gift-wrapped baby wetsuits.

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