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45 Coolest Camping & Festival Gadgets 2018 Starting with the start of the festivals saison, we take a look at the best high-tech camp site gadgets, camp'n'glamp gadgets and camp'n'glamp gadgets - both now available and soon to come - to make sure you are fully featured for camp'n'glamp as you like it.....

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It is the world's first hand-held rechargable grinding and storage lamp that extracts commercial ground coffee out of its tapered ceramics flash. Wherever you are, you' ll find delicious slippery, crisp expresso with Cafflano Kompresso, the lightweight and compactest genuine expresso machine in the industry. TRONO is a new, innovative air-inflated, very cold campsite seat made from ultra tough marine material that can be inflated in seconds.

Hydro Flask's Soft Coolers, which have won the prestigious European OutDoor Industry Award, use patented Tempshield to keep foods and beverages cool for up to 48hrs. Rumpl Puffy keeps your drinks cool, cosy, waterproof, packageable, washing machines and can also be used as a quilt or cushion.

The GreenTraveler is a re-usable, travel-friendly, liquid-tight and leak-proof receptacle for foodstuffs and beverages - like a outdoor version of a PENTO receptacle. This is the world's first truly travel-optimized deck of deck card. Waterproof, light, compact design and long life. Indulge in crafted draught and home brew, chilled and sparkling, everywhere thanks to this great hiker!

EcoBoulder is a 100 watt, dust- and weatherproof loudspeaker that can be used fully underneath and even swim. There is also up to 10 hour full loudness playback. The WaterBrick is a hand held, stacking and adjustable canister. Capsula backpack is built so it never collapses - totally impermeable to moisture, thanks to its Nyseal zipper it can even be blown up to swim.

Technological also assists the pouch in maintaining its interior temperatures, which makes it ideally suited for transporting foods and beverages. Manufactured from lightweight aluminum and aluminum with a bulletproof marine fit, SitPack Zen is the most durable, modern, and lightweight wearable fit on the planet. It' just right for travelling, outdoor, pool, lawn, sandy, mountain or any other occasion where you want to relax or even take a snooze.

Besides the possibility of boiling hot beverage, it can keep your favorite beverage at a chosen temperatur, almost unlimited. Ideal for any city or country adventures when you're not online. L.L. Bean's ultra-lightweight bag is the first to use an advanced PrimaLoft isolation that mixes aerogel (also known as "Solid Smoke") with conventional fibres; aerogel is the world' lightweight isolator... 29.

Featuring waterproof, dustproof design and hovering directly above your workspace, MESA is a handheld, airplane aluminum desktop luminaire. Ideal for on the go, its folding feet open when you take it out of the bag. Well, now you can thanks to Bripe, a fully blow-burnerable, ultra-portable, all-metal, all-copper coffeemaker for outdoors enthusiasts who want to take lightweight luggage with them.

The Zero Breeze is a hand-held climate control system that has been developed to allow rooms of approximately 50 square metres to be cooled to a temperature of up to 44 F / 7 C and operated with one load for up to 5hrs. BlackYak's Emergency Cardigan is the most lightweight, fully impermeable and wind proof cardigan on the planet and is made from an incredible Dyneema weave that has about five times greater tear resistance than heavy grade steels but can still swim on it.

Solarenergy, air-conditioning, panorama door, telephone-controlled LEDs, a new pop-up lounge for connecting multi-tents, LEDs lights and stakes... the feature-rich Cinch is still our most popular camp and festivals marquee a distance away. Marshall's Stockwell Travel Speaker is the ultimate hand-held PA system for any musical event, offering 25 hour playing experience with a charged battery.

The Yaket iced is a 6-can/bottle ice-cream bag that keeps beverages cool for 12hrs thanks to a high quality coolant and a pressure strap that holds them firmly. The Helixot XO 6 is 100% airproof, 100% immersible and 100% watterproof. With a weight of only 5 g and a high-quality aluminum alloys for the aviation and space industry, SlugHaus Bullet 02 is the smallest light in the word - practically unbreakable, watertight and no larger than a pin cap.

Claw is the smallest - and most impressing - multi-tool in the game.

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