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The Maui Babe After Browning Lotion: Seven multifunctional cosmetic products that you will actually use. There is a great deal of frenzy about multi-purpose products in the cosmetics can. This one-stop wonder product should help us safe our make-up pockets in terms of quality, price, time savings and place. Everything from brows to dehydrated skins can be sorted in five seconds. However, if you go through all the complaints, which products are actually valuable for your investment in your work?

By the creators of the notorious Wunderbraue, this professionally formulated foundation fulfils a threefold function as a smudge-proof make-up foundation, a wrinkle-free color basis and a fluid text marker. Prime & Behold makes every color superimposed on cheek, eyelid and even lip areas up to 24 h immersible and secure against transmission.

As well as smoothing your complexion and helping to enhance the look of scarring, stretch marks and hyperpigmentation, the iconical vial can also be used as a marker or blended with your everyday hydration. In addition, you can pat a few droplets of the non-greasy oils onto your cuticle, crack your feet or use it as a moisturizing make-up undercoat.

Pixi Glow Mist is not only a moisturizing aerosol if your complexion is firm or dehydrated, but also a make-up setup as well as a dew-fresh finish aerosol, an afternoons make-up refreshment (if your concealer wrinkles and your liner falls half way over your face) and a hydrate with a blend of 13 naturally occurring oil ingredients.

When you like your hair to look naturally waste-free, a Babe Ball is an indispensable vanity and case. You can use this 100% organic 100% vegetable to keep your eyebrows in line, as a peach fragrance lipstick balsam or make-up cleaner that dissolves lash tint while hydrating your face.

The Babe Balm is also a soft way to decorate yourself with sparkle in the last few sunny nights and beyond. When there is a purse make-up exchange that you must do immediately, it exchanges the handfuls of lip sticks that rattle with your bulk exchange for a unique Posietint flask.

Despite its surface, it remains in place for long periods of time. Wipe your lip, cheek, temples, cheek bones, and even your eye to get a building garment of real color that's not just on your face. Or you can use this travel-friendly Sticks for a more intensive color that mixes with the warmth of your tips, or you can use it with your damp hands in a more transparent finishing.

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