Babies Items Online Shopping

Baby Products Online Shopping

Pregnant Mothers & Baby Products: Saving in Spain Instead of looking at the apparent possibilities of second-hand items (clothing) or rental (cots, pushchairs, automobile seats), we have chosen to provide a summary of some of the brick and mortar shops found in most of Spain's major urban areas and online shop where you can make savings if you either have a child on the way or already have one. Prenatal and Chicco are two of the most important branches in Spain for prenatal and childcare products. Prenatal allows you to sign up on their website and await a rebate quote by e-mail, but Chicco currently does not have this feature. Shops such as Kiabi and C&A provide motherhood clothing at reasonable rates in Spain both in the shop and online.

To find out when there are promotions, it is advisable to like all three shops on Facebook. Websites that have a newsletters should register as a shop that usually emails you promotions to help you place your first order.

You can take a look at Toy S Us (Babies S Us) for items such as baby strollers, stroller chairs and other large items. Subscribe again to your newsletters to receive information about specific offers, and each and every months you have a choice of coupons that you can either dowload or transfer the QR directly to your phone.

Don't forgetting to use prices compare pages for the more costly items. Test Kelkoo or Ciao and consider the shipping charges before making a choice, as these may mean that the end charges are higher than the purchase in the shop, such as at El Corte Inglés, where you get a free shipment.

If you are looking for general childcare items, you can take a look at La Tienda de Mamá or Tu Bebé within 24 hours. Keep in mind that everyone tends to have a high free shipping limit, but since some items (e.g. diapers) can be purchased in large quantities, this should not be a biggie. Bebitus gives you a ?5 per order rebate on all orders over 49 if you add at least one package of diapers per order, and free shipping on orders over 65.

We recommend, however, that you take a look at where you normally go shopping (Alcampo, Carrefour, etc.), as their super markets or online stores may be less expensive if they have promotions. If you are a mother-to-be and live in the Barcelona or Madrid region, you should sign up for Caprabo's "Welcome Cart", which comes with free gifts and coupons.

Package only applies until your child is one months old. On of the problems with the online choices in Spain is that not all websites provide a full island based experience. So if you are living in the Balearic or Canary Islands, read the shipping instructions for each location before familiarising yourself with the pricing.

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