Babies with Toys

Baby with toys

Home of all your favourite Fur Babies friends: watch videos, play games, download and create. Assist in early development and entertain your little ones with our range of interactive toys and games suitable for babies and pre-school children. Toys for babies and toddlers should not only be fun to play with and preferably promote the development of the child, but also safe. Infants are exposed to a higher risk of SIDS when they cover their heads, so it is safest to keep the cot away from items such as bumpers, toys and loose linen. Unique selection of handmade pet products, including custom and personalized collars, freshly baked dog treats, bandanas, toys and accessories.

An uncluttered bed is a more secure bed.

All babies need to know to get to sleep is a few essential things: a solid, shallow bed linen bed and a solid, shallow bedtop. Now, new mums and dads have a huge selection of childcare articles to pick from and it can be really bewildering to know what is needed. Indications are that babies are at higher risks of SIDS if they have their faces up and some objects added to a child's bed may add to the risks of headgear.

Even needless objects in the babybed can raise the accident rate. Although the proofs for single points are not available everywhere, it makes good business to be as careful as possible. Therefore, we suggest that babies sleep in cribs or Moses hampers that are kept as clear as possible and are explicitly recommended:

There are no cushions or blankets; no crib pushrods; no stuffed animals; no bed linen; no items (such as chocks or straps) to keep your child in a sleep posture. Further information on the selection of sleep aids can be found here. While we cannot make comments on specific items, we would recommend that the parent should review the security advisories when making a selection.

Unfortunately, there is no single drug that can decrease the likelihood of SIDS, and we recommend parental vigilance for any drug that has made such a statement. It is also recommended that the parent verify that each purchased item has successfully completed the necessary security controls and follows the manufacturer's maintenance procedures supplied with the item.

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