100 top boy name so far in 2018 Top 3 places stay the same, with Oliver still at #1, followed by Harry at #2 and Jack at #3, who just stays there, but once at the top of the chart Freddie is now at #9 and Oscar at #10. At the top of the list of most popular missions is the once uncommon boy name Arlo, which improved by 18 places to 42nd place. Has there been a new tendency in boy name? Old male tradition continues to imbue the parent with a name like Albert, who increased 18 places to 65, and Sonny is a new top 100 entrant from 13 to 91. Stranger defamation that emergence finished the status are Hunter up to 34 cognition on 32 and Reuben up to 13 cognition on 50.

Ezra, possibly influenced by vocalist George Ezra, has also risen 11 places to 77th place in the boys' top 100 baby titles. Even though some uncommon surnames are seen as "edgy", they lose a lot of appeal - making them a good option if you are looking for something less ordinary. Rocco, for example, has lost 51 places and is just under the top 200 cubs.

There are also some popular name traditions that have clearly become less popular and would be a good option if you were looking for a popular name that your little one doesn't have to divide with several other schoolmates.

Mama and her baby squashed by a fallen Christmas-tree below five bodies as the fatal 90mph tropic storms in Florence claim their first casualties.

An MUM and her baby are among the five victims of "catastrophic" Florence following the fall of a Christmas tree on Friday to their house in North Carolina. All we know about the severe tempest so far: Frightened visitors to the Triangle Motor Inn were later taken to a nearby cyclone security center to survive the storms as parts of the torn apart hostel had to fly through the sky.

However, the city most affected by the storms - described as "catastrophic" by the National Weather Service - was the sieged city of New Bern, where tens of people asked for rescuers to save them from the treacherous tide. Firenze burst open bushes, shattered streets and crushed over 750,000 houses and shops, and the attack was not nearly over as the Carolinas besiegement was likely to continue throughout the week.

It said parts of North Carolina had seen storms flooding as high as 10ft. the swell of the sea water on land by the cyclone. after they had reached a terrible class 4 spike of 140mph earlier today, Florence made landing as a class 1 cyclone at 7th 15am at Wrightsville Beach.

On Friday night, Florence was degraded to a tropic tempest whose breezes subsided to 70 milliph as it penetrated the interior. Myanmar, le Centre national des ouragans basé à Miami s'est effondré : "Firenze is now generating tropic gust squalls in South Carolina. "Hurricane Florence has landed in the United States and is causing relentless 90-mile blows that have already covered several hundred kilometres - and now tornados are appearing in terrible news.

President Donald Trump is scheduled to visit the areas affected by Hurricane Florence next weekend. It will be a test for his government - less than two month before the mid-term election. North Carolina, the city of oriental, received more than 20 inch of rains just a few short miles after the Flood, others came well over a single mile.

National Hurricane Center said that Florence will finally disintegrate over the South Appalachian and make a right turn to the North East, with its rain remains heading to the Central American states and New England by the half of next weekend. FOR THE LIVE CAN BE SO CRUEL' North Carolina alone is expected to be 9 years old.

Wilmington International Airports had a 105 mb windspeed, the highest since Hurricane Helene in 1958, while airline companies canceled more than 2,400 aircraft by Sunday.

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