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There are six ways for mothers to do a job You would like to found a company but don't know what to do? Find six great company startup opportunities - regardless of your abilities or experiences! But if you enjoy the thought of setting up your own company but have no idea where to begin, you are far from alone.

It' no wonder that one of our most beloved items is five different ways you can get started at home - just like many mothers fight to develop a sustainable one. We realized that it is no secret to develop a great deal of inspiration. Anybody can have an inspiration, and with the right mindset, effort and learning, just about anyone can turn it into a company.

And if you are just a little bogged down or losing, we have six unique opportunities that have worked for other mothers and may be just right for you - regardless of your abilities or your backgrounds. A simple way to set up a company is to use the capabilities you have gained in the course of your careers and your lives to provide others and companies with guidance and expert knowledge.

You already have the necessary know-how - and an established contact partner pool that knows and appreciates your abilities. So, check your wisdom and your experiences. Do you have any commercial issues you can work out? Looking beyond the real work you do or have done, consider what abilities you have that you can use.

In order to give you a good example of a mother who did just that, Alison Perry used her market expertise to set up a Twitter consulting company, Purple Dog, in 2011. Initially a pastime, she quickly realized that she could use her market expertise to turn it into a company.

Not only Alison has developed a company from her professional experiences. We have a highly skilled cast of talent mothers who have founded a number of top consultancies, among them PR consultants Nicola Whiteford, Paula Hutchings and Emilia Rice. Think about what talent you could bring to a young consulting firm.

When you don't feel like becoming a consulting company, how about setting up a distribution company? Mamas Holly Tucker and Sophie Cornish established a multi-million dollar shop by discovering an occasion to help shoppers and manufacturers resell their produce - and find shoppers, one-of-a-kind present suggestions and personalized presents that one cannot simply buy on the main road.

However, you don't have to build the next - all you have to do is find a niche market or occasion to market your product (or service) and find out how to fill it. Again, the simplest place to begin searching is you. Perhaps you have recognised that there is no one-stop on-line store for dogs accessories?

They already know the destination markets, so it won't be difficult to begin research. Mothers who have discovered a need and set up shops to fill it are Alex Bagguley and Natalie Cunningham, who have bundled their abilities, experiences and passion to create Heppy London, an on-line shop for mothers, infants, children and presents.

Another two acquaintances, Annie Harvey and Nerissa Buckell, began their Crimson Tiger website in 2013, their on-line household items, presents and accessories. When you are interested in the e-commerce company concept, we suggest you visit 10 places to find e-commerce website on-line commercial concepts (with samples you can steal).

Several of the most popular businesses have emerged just from resolving a specific issue. A brilliant brainchild can be found in the most common places and situations. The actress Julie Cox founded her company, Luke Drew This, after she couldn't find a present for her partner's birth. As Kristin Ahmer's young child pressed a one-way bag over himself, this led him to create a crush-resistant, re-usable bag named Sili Square.

It now holds three patent rights and one multinational company. Amy' s Kitchen is today selling worldwide (in Great Britain they are available in Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury' s, Waitrose, Ocado, Morrisons and others) and Amy works for the successfull familiy company. Yet another creator mother, Sally Puddifoot, used her artistic talents (her fabric creations were featured in Vogue and Elle journals and on the Milan catwalk) to make small Red Bird complimentaries.

Could you monetize your capabilities by somehow marketing your service? If you don't currently have abilities that you could lightly and obviously monetize, you can always improve or relearn abilities, just like Sarah Burghard. As Sarah became a mother, she realized that she needed to find a new, more family-friendly job, so she trained in arts and designing.

Meanwhile, graphics artist Louise Ayres has completed an on-line course in the field of maternal communication specifically aimed at giving mothers the know-how and self-assurance they need to monetize their aptitudes. On line learning and learning is a great way to get the wisdom, instruction and coaching you need to build a prosperous company and can be a very smart one.

She founded her own competitive shop in frustration at the bad performance of her uniforms provider. Thus she prepared a Facebook page and an on-line listing named Supermum Surrey to help them. Dowload 53 proposals for market opportunities to develop your best possible idea. And if you have fun typing, you can join the expanding line of "mummy bloggers" and create your own blogs.

Singles mother Jack Monroe told prescriptions of meals she made to help feeding her boy on her blogs, which were discovered by a Telegraph reporter and have since led to two recipe books and a thriving television careers. So, how can you turn your blogs into a company? Choosing the right theme is the first step.

You' ll also need to equip yourself with some basic language and abilities - you must improve your own tonality and your own personal look, you must be able to increase your audience and your navigation through your own community and you must also have an understanding of how you can actually make a living with your own blogs.

There' s no point in working really hard to build a sound audience if you can't turn it into profits (you can read here how to launch your own lucrative blogs in our three-part series). You may be working on some great deal for yourself already, but it's not enough. Alternatively, you work for someone else and see opportunities for expansion in a nonutilized franchise agreement.

Franchise is a way of taking a tried and tested franchise and packaging it so that someone can "buy" and introduce it. You not only reimburse for the design you make, but also for the trade name and reputations, and often for your expert knowledge and consulting. One of the great advantages of being a franchisee is that someone else will do the work to keep your company growing while you make a payment.

Franchising doesn't have to be a complicated franchising scheme - you can start it from companies you start using your own abilities and experiences, just like your own Yogateacher Cheryl Macdonald, who founded the popular franchising company Yogis Bellies (and even rejected Duncan Bannatyne on Dragons Den!). The mother of two children, two Penny Holbrook, used her preschool teaching background to develop a bodily program for small kids, which she has now converted into a Mini Monkey Gym and sold throughout the UK.

No matter what kind of company you want to set up, there is some important information you MUST know to make it a hit. All the information, insight and strategies you gain support everything you do and give your company a much better shot at succeeding - whether you're a parent or not.

Do you need help developing a successful project? Download our Business ideas Kit! Boost your advances in your careers, your businesses and your lives.

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