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Spoil your baby with our wide range of newborn products that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. Regular Haut Two in one baby shampoo lotion for baby becomes two in one cleaning lotion. 2 in 1 cleaning lotion for baby and baby, perfect for travelling from birth(1). Massaging oils become baby oils. Moisturising and calming massaging fluid for baby and infant.

Conceived for massages, this pleasurable treatment helps you feel good from birth(1).

Fine fragrant and ultrasoft baby face, hand, nappy and baby skin wipes(1). Schaumshampoo for sensitive neonatal bristles, perfect for everyday rinsing of tufts associated with the weighing hat, from birth(1). Dermocleansing becomes Gentle cleaning gels. A gentle cleaning agent for baby and toddler.

Organ and scalp cleanser perfect for everyday use from birth(1). Babyshampoo turns into soft shorthair. Gentle baby and infant care Gentle product for the sensitive baby's or infant's sensitive coat, from birth(1). Skin lotion for baby and infant, from birth(1). Moisturising face creme for baby and infant, from birth(1).

Physicobebebe becomes no-rinse cleaning fluid Soft no-rinse cleaning fluid for baby and infant, face and nappy area, from birth(1) (micellar fluid for everyday baby or infant care). Baby- and children's refreshment and style bath for a comfortable and soft everyday skin treatment, from birth(1).

Baths, diaper changing and toilet training products

Your little one's swimming and switching is not always the most glamorous side of education, but it does offer a lot of important retention and is something you are sure to like. So if you're a little worried about the timing, don't be afraid, you're not alone. We' ve put together this all-in-one bathroom and lavatory exercise manual so you can make it a hit (where hopefully the baby gets moister than you!).

In our bathroom and dressing room you get everything from one source. Baby tubs, cups, cushions, foam and stop for every baby and every household we have. In addition, our assortment of cuddly baby and infant hand towels is ideal for the important cuddle tours afterwards. Concerning winding goods, we have protected you from all sides.

With our practical changing attachments you can provide a secure and convenient baby changing area. And then there is the important diaper changing pouch for baby toilet articles. It will accompany you everywhere in the years to come, so it is rewarding to take your moments and choose one that you really like.

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