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To visit Machu Picchu with a baby and a small child seems to most like a common concept. There seems to be a great deal of confusion about how to get children to Machu Picchu. From Lima we went to Cusco, took a cab to the Sacred Valley and took a plane to Aguas Calientes, where we spent three night.

We were only twenty min from the entrance to Machu Picchu, so it was very simple and easily reachable. But I' m so happy we made it to Machu Picchu. All from the arrival at the Inca station to our stop in Aguas Calientes to the highlight of the visit to Machu Picchu.

A few might ask if the kids liked it? For the more interesting part, however, this is our game, sleeping and eating guidebook to Machu Picchu with children. Early in the early hours of the first day we got up and got on the 7 o'clock buses. Aguas Calientes is only 20 min away. So we decided to rise before the dawn with the children became too much.

Curiously, we were the only ones who carried a baby and the only ones who carried flip-flops! Esme, who is only three years old, but she definitely had an understanding of the beauties of Machu Picchu. Following our stunning breakfast we made our way to the main door, got the Machu Picchu seal into our pass and took the back seat of the coach to Aguas Calientes.

Calientes Aquas is a small city full of eateries, caf├ęs, pubs, stores with local arts, handicrafts and textile. In Sumaq we were spoiled with a great morning snack, lunch, afternoon teas and evening meal! Sadly, Sumaq turned us into such eating snobs that we didn't really like it.

It was very important to us to offer our children a funny environment to compensate for the long trip and the visit to the construction site. When we stayed at the Sumaq Hotel, we found it very simple to do just that! The Sumaq Hotel will be staging the gardens in the afternoons with beautiful coloured floors, large pillows and many pieces of clothing.

An employee recounted stories from the Incas period to the children. We were on schedule for our late evening teas, so while we drank a cup of espresso we all ate the cakes. During our visit to Sumaq we learned a great deal about the Inkas' tradition and use. In Sumaq, they call it an offer to the earth ceremonies.

It was until our kids had other thoughts about tossing the sacrificial gifts around. In Sumaq Spas they provide many different types of treatment with different types of ingredients and technologies. This was the flawless getaway from the kids to unwind. Featuring over 300 Inca pottery relics in Sumaq, wonderfully appointed rooms and stunning views, we really felt in the middle of it!

Everyday in the afternoons, they would bring little delicacies into our room. All about Sumaq is luxury! Evening delicacies included cake, miniburgers, vegetables roll, coffe and refreshing teas. There are two types of rail: Peru and Inka. I have a slightly better free luggage in Inca, but it is also a little more costly.

When you bring a baby with you, you must take your pass to the Inka Rail counter to verify the baby's 30 minute early arrival. We' re said we could each have an 8-pound pouch for Inca Rail. You have free space for everything we didn't need at the railway yard.

When they saw that we had two children and stayed three nights, they were very indulgent with our pocket money. You give a small bite to eat and a beautiful beverage to keep the children occupied for a while. In order to access the Machu Picchu site in person, you must purchase your tickets.

It is possible to buy a morning/afternoon ticket on the government's website here. The majority of our hoteliers provide a pick-up service from the train stations in Aguas Calientes. Telling your motel when you will be arriving can be useful to help you reach your goal. Once you have arrived in Agua Calientes, reserve your next stop Machu Picchu coach pass.

Busses depart every 15 min from the train yard. We' ve been told that the lines in the mornings to take the Aguas Calientes coach are very long. Twenty minute ride on the coach up the hilly street. When we had two children and the desire to do things at our own speed, we were lucky to do it ourselves.

Did you find Machu Picchu with children useful? Exclusion of liability: This posting Machu Picchu with children, has affiliated links. Mancora, Peru with children.

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