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Dolce&Gabbana's special newborn collection of clothing and gifts for babies is adorned with Mimmo the Dog. To discuss toys, prams, diaper bags, baby clothes and any other baby/children's equipment! In addition, you can personalise a wide range of garments and accessories with your name or initials. It is important to know how to wash baby clothes properly in order to protect your child's skin.

Jobs lots | Baby & Toddler Clothing for sale

Whether you are an electrical technician, a professional cook, a nursing technician or a messenger, you will find a wide range of baby-girl clothing. Including nice gowns, baby grow, Leggins, hats, overalls and much more. Work- lots baby boot clothing ranges from newborn to 6-9 month and only a few articles for 9-12 month. Amazing shape and some have never been used before.

It'?s too much to take pictures of, but a huge task, lots of baby clothing, a full set-up. Up to 12-18 month from small baby. Work Los baby girl clothing,,,,,,, size 3-6 month,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, all in perfect shape,,,,,,,, only £15 for all 3 pictures want. I would like to know if the Debenhams cardigan in outstanding quality is hardly ever used and costs £22!

Two full pouches of baby girl clothing in great shape.

Manufacturer of privately labelled apparel, privately labelled apparel

To meet the needs of the above-mentioned clients, we also supply private labels, screens, complete prints and embroideries developed on the basis of their own brands, styles and needs. Our clients are asked to give us the logo of their trademark, we give the washing instruction of our fabrics and then they create their labels.

As soon as your work of art is finished, the client can send it to us by e-mail and we will design the tags for you on the basis of the work of art. Prior to continuing with our labelling process, we receive a release from the client by sending him an image of the prototypes by e-mail. They can also be printed or embroidered against payment of a setup and per print/embroidery fee.

Packing the clothes according to your wishes. If you would like us to imprint or stitch your work of art on the clothing, please send us the entire work of art for printing or embroidering in a downloadable form (pdf or jpeg) by e-mail. Visit your nearest custom website for information on custom duties.

Most of the markets we deliver to, India is a preferred export country, so customs duty is relatively competitive. As we work with many different suppliers for your shipments, they are usually familiar with the applicable customs and excise duty. Our clients are offered interruptions in prices in terms of volumes. We need approx. 5-7 week for the shipping of own brand orders after receipt of order.

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