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You will find the perfect personalised baby clothing in our range, from toddler outfits to newborn baby clothing. and 5 baby laundry tips for new adults. Laundering and storing your baby's garments can be a laborious and time-consuming work. These five hints will help you organize your wash before your baby even gets home, and guide you all the way through the preparation of your baby's wardrobe to give it to the next one. It is absolutely necessary to wash baby wear before wearing it.

A lot of baby clothing is sprinkled with form aldehyde before shipment to make sure it looks new and wrinkle-free on arrival. Because a new baby's hide is so delicate and absorbs so much of what it is touching, you don't want to take any risks. Apply a "free & clear" cleaning agent to clean these garments and release the conditioner, both fluid and leaves.

Plasticizer can decrease the efficacy of the fire retardant effect on baby pyjamas and also stimulate your baby's complexion. Keep in mind that you not only need to clean your baby's clothing, but also anything that touches the baby's body, such as portable covers, bed linen and mother's and father's clothing. Look at some of my favourite baby detergents:

As soon as your baby is home, the joke really starts. Anything from the formulas and spitting to mashed fruit and vegetable comes in touch with your baby's clothing, not to speak of the different powder, lotion and oil. Although these spots are sometimes hard to be removed, they do not have to be unbearable.

If you rinse the contaminated garment immediately with cool tap irrigation, you can avoid the hardening of the soiling. Then you can immerse your baby's garments in a lingerie pre-treatment such as OxiClean Baby Softener. In fact, you can even do your own pretreatment by half fill your washing machine with washing powder, adding a few spoonfuls of washing powder, soaking for about 30 min. and then adding hot running hot running hot running hot running hot running hot running hot running hot running hot running hot running hot running hot running hot running hot running hot running hot running hot running cold.

Please note: Fluid cleaning agents tend to have a better effect than powders on foods staining. If you are facing a non-food spot, use a dry gunpowder as it seems to be much better at breaking up oiliness. Best way to deal with the kinds of spots caused by a lotion or baby oil is to make a simple pasta from the gunpowder and a little amount of running soda and spread it directly on the spot.

Don't let the clothes drip until you are sure that the spot has been stained. Please read A Guide to Removing Baby Containers for a more detailled view of the removal of baby spot. Babyshit is no joke to handle - especially if it is glued into the clothes.

Here, too, I strongly suggest a pretreatment and have found that OxiClean Baby works particularly well with this kind of stains. Unless you have a pre-treatment, fill your washing tun or a large pail half full with plenty of fresh running soda and then pour a few spoonfuls of your washing powder and a 1/4-1/2 cc colourfast whitener into the mixture.

Douse for 30 min and then fill your laundry machine with the hottest amount of bottled running fluid your setting allows and top up with extra soap. Re-wash as often as necessary and only put the laundry in the tumble drier when you are happy with the spotting. Branding policies would make you believe that you need to be investing in handheld spot remover pencils (think Tide to Go Instant Size Remover or Dreft Portable Pretreater Pen) or small disposable cloths impregnated with pre-treatment agents (like Shout Wipes).

Whilst these are definitely comfortable to have, you can actually make your own on-the-go pretreatment with just your washing powder and a small spraying flask that you can reserve in the travel-sized section of your large on-site crate storage. Simply choose how many single cylinders you want and make a 3:1 mixture for each cylinder; 3 parts to 1 part clean.

If necessary, spray and throw the washing in as soon as you get home. For a more classic style of spot removers, read Sarah Aguirre's Top 10 Spot Removers for Lingerie, About. com Guide to Housekeeping. Your baby will unavoidably grow out of all these charming little dresses.

When that happens, you can make up your mind to organise a baby change of garments, bring them to the commission store or even sell them in a garages to get them out. Maybe you'll wrap everything up for the next baby. There are a few things you should do to get your baby wear ready for safekeeping if you opt for the latter.

It is easier to pack other baby clothing. However, no matter what you stow, everything has to be cleaned - surprise - in exactly the same way as the first wash; a "free & clear" cleaner and no conditioner.

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