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Abdominal period for babies: on photos Abdominal period happens when your baby is lying on his stomach and has a heavy load on his underarms. The abdominal period increases the power of the baby's mind, throat and torso when the baby is older. Well, your baby should do a whole bunch of it every single night. Begin with the belly shortly after childbirth, as part of the baby's everyday game.

Try in the first few week the abdominal period for 1-2 min, 2-3 x a days. Up to 10-15 min. can elapse, several days a week. Fall back to sleep, stomach to play with. The baby will spend a great deal of his or her sleeping hours on his or her back with his or her baby in the same posture.

Doing so may result in shallow areas on the back of the skull. The abdominal period will help to avoid this. Keep your baby near secure items and playthings. They are encouraged to move, raise and turn their heads. Down on the ground next to your baby. Place an unbreakable looking glass next to your baby so he can see his own image.

Test the belly period in different places, e.g. outside on a ceiling. Tell your baby you're there by speaking and chanting, caressing his back or teasing his hand. When your baby doesn't like the belly stretch on the ground, try a roll up hand towel, your knee or a big basket.

Monitor the baby during abdominal period.

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