Baby Bath Accessories

Bath accessories for babies

Bathroom seats, mats, supports, toys and accessories for babies Water babies will enjoy bathing with our baby bath and accessories offer. It' s a great way to connect with your little one, have a good splash and then cuddle her in a big, fleecy one. There is a selection of baby bath products to make bathing at home - or on the go - simple.

Bath holders for baby are ideally suited for neonates and young infants. Stand-alone baby bathtubs are great if you are spending the night with your loved ones or on vacation. Select from a variety of different colors and different heights. Our sleeves and chairs for older people help the baby to independently spend time in the bathroom so that he can paddle and soak.

With our baby bath accessories you make bathing a pleasure. Select from a range of floating and paddling gadgets or wave making gadgets to entertain your little one. Once the joke is over, put her in a cuddly baby bath cloth. Babyshears keep your fingernails under nail protection safely and easily, while gentle brushing makes it easier to maintain your baby's natural condition.

Not sure yet what you need for a splashy bath? Explore how to select the best baby bathing outfit.

Bath holder and baby bath mats

Explore a wide range of baby swim aids for neonates and infants. Angelcare's comfortable ergonomically designed range and our handy bubble bath holder offer a choice of styles to meet every tastes, need and budget. No matter where you are. Our non-slip baby bath mat provides a smooth, stable basis for infants who are studying to get upright or if you are swimming several kids at the same time, where your baby can paddle without danger of sliding.

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Bath accessories for babies help to make the bathing season safer and more entertaining. Have a diaper-pack with everything you need ready to hand. Go ahead. They' re ideal for switching on the go. Extremely smooth baby bath tissues are the ideal end of the bathing season. Taste one with hook and loop closure and a fuzzy hooded coat to dry your little tail in no time.

In order to keep your hands free during bathing, use a baby bath chair to make sure they are secure and propped in bathwater. Diaper changers transform any kind of skin area into a sanitary diaper-changing room. As soon as you have reached your pots workout, a baby pots is indispensable.

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