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Pearl Baby Toys

Safely environmentally friendly: New Zealand pine, water-based paint that is safe for babies. Pearl labyrinth; floating ring play; activating spiral structure; colourfully structured base.

Beautiful rainbow pearl ring is a wonderful grab toy for babies. That beautiful little dog is perfect for any baby. Beautiful wooden toy for young babies up to small children.


We will discontinue this article shortly and it may be out of stock. We will discontinue this article shortly and it may be out of Stock. These products are not in inventory and are only available for home transport. Either you can order on-line or go to your nearest shop and an employee can place the order for you, according to your inventory.

Shipping costs are incurred. Sorry, stick checking doesn't work right now. Typical shipping 4 - 8 working day. Prices and reach may differ between shop and onlinestore. The movement of wood pearls on a lane is a funny way to find out more about colors and forms. Includes 1 wood pedestal, 3 steel rails and 20 wood pearls.

There are clear demands on all the timber we use, as well as a prohibition on illegal logging. Until 2020, we want all our timber to come from more sustainably managed resources classified as either certificated or recyclable. There are only the latest version of these docs available for downloading. That means that sometimes there may be a difference between the document you are downloading and the version supplied with the products.

Wood toy & puzzle

We are the right address for nicely designed wood toy and jigsaw pieces. Explore our range of classical dollhouses, wood jigsaws and puzzle packs and begin building a long life library. You can help your child to make a delicious luncheon with our wood bandwich kit or send a letter to your beloved with the ELC mailbox.

We have a wide selection of wood toy from kitchets and threaded block to toolsets and baby carriages that don't need battery or slightly discarded plastics!

Grimm's Gripping Toy Pearl Ring

Gorgeous pearl ring for the rays of the sun and a great gripping toy for your baby. The toy has a 9 cm diametre and a bead diametre of 2 cm. Babi Pur has something for every kid you can get in touch with, with its assortment of Grimm's toy products for shaking, building and pulling. This toy's excellent qualities and timelessness of charm are sure to be appreciated not only by your kids, but also by your grandkids.

Grimm's instructive toy is made in Europe from clay, limestone, beech trees and maples, all of which come from sustainable forest management in Europe. The colours and varnishes you use to refine your Grimm's toy are innocuous and underline the nature and elegance of the timber, so that the texture can show through.

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