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On-line shopping from a large selection in the BABY best BUYS Store. Ten best babyphones. The Independent. There are few things that can be more important to newborn parent than to know that you will be there when your baby needs you. It' no wonder that a babyphone is usually at the top of the "must buy" lists for soon-to-be pregnant women.

However, don't hurry to buy the most pricey, provided it's the best - this is a buy where you have to think about what functions you actually need and what you don't.

Any babyphone should have clear audio clarity, minimum (or no) interferences, and good coverage and strong signals (which are often exaggerated by manufacturers), especially if you have a bigger house and a bigger yard. When you want to not only see but listen to your baby, you need a videomonitor. How about the run time of the batteries?

Excellent audio performance? Does the rechargeable power last longer than a single second? Just like many home cinema screens, the gloomier the room, the worse the image clarity, but the night lighting really does help. There are many functions for the fare, among them low energy indicator, night lamp, low energy alarm, low power alarm or low reach and strap so you can carry your screen.

When you are a supporter of motion sensing mattresses, this works well (except on a flash foam mattress). Good sound is produced, while the parents have more than a day's worth of use. It' s a bright beacon, even in the yard - and as soon as it gets weaker, you get a low power alert (which also sounds when the batteries are low).

There was also the thermal probe and the soundproofed lamps that kept their promises, and the strap that could be quickly attached. When you' re looking for a feature-rich audiomonitor that masters the fundamentals, that's great. It is important that it contains good, clear directions so you can get started and that it has a large coverage and long lasting rechargeable batteries as well as a two-way call capability.

It features an extraordinarily clear audio that has not been affected by noise from other equipment, and there is a clear image that only deteriorates in terms of clarity under particularly poor lighting conditions. Signalling lets you go into the yard with confidence, and it's simple to get ready with the mains-powered cam to see your baby from many different perspectives.

Too bad that the rechargeable batteries do not last longer than six acres. At the same time this intelligent looking screen serves as a surveillance cam and technical parent will enjoy it working on their phone once they have download the application. Audio performance is great and movie performance is good, although it's not as good.

We' ve tried several low image qualitiy videomonitors, but they did impress us, except in very dim rooms. It' s got a better coverage than others we have tried in this class, and the audio is good too, although it's hard to get clear at low volume. Don't anticipate buzzing characteristics - you can't speak to your baby and there's no alert to let you know if you're outside the signalling area, for example.

The BT Baby 6000 is our favorite baby screen and is great value for your investment for its superb performance and features. The Tommy Tippee Close to Nature Digital Sound monitor is a great sound screen that does everything you need and more for just over £50.

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