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So how long before you get that newborn baby out? - antenatal care

Hello everybody, my mother keeps repeating to me how not to bring a newborn baby out of the home for at least the first 6 months. I' m due on November 1 and she keeps repeating how Christmas will be the first Christmas when the baby is out! Can''t believe I'm going to be home-bound that long - it just doesn't make much sence to me!

I would be interested to listen to other people's thoughts because I hoped to come out with the baby as soon as possible to avoid agitator madness. These 6 week may sound trustworthy, but only for a puppy awaiting vaccination. 2 day after birth we started from birth and then almost daily!

So long as boys are properly clothed for the saison and you are feeling like it, I would get out as much as possible. Six of them? It will be cool in November, but as long as you get the baby properly wrapped, he'll be well. Clearly at this point there are many colds going around, but as long as you don't get them sneezing and coughing, it will be good.

Now my boys are 11 and 12 years old, but I took them both out the morning after their delivery. It' also good for your postpartum convalescence and reduces the chances of getting your own PGD - being in the home would be depressing! I think it would be terrible if the baby were locked up for week in a sticky building (and it will be in November with the heat on).

I think she's SERIOUSly misinformed! Iol, that would mean you'd have to be in the infirmary for 6 week! Go for a walk, go to the store, go into the city, get your head done! The more you come out of the home, the better you and your baby will be! Tell your mom to let you have your own baby!

In my birth preparation classes, the nurse said you should get the baby out as soon as you felt good and able - even if it's just a short stroll on the street. Luckily we were good enough to get home from school when my little baby was 24 years old.

The next morning I felt like a little stroll (waddling!) and felt better for the outdoors. I would just keep an open mind and see how you felt, but to reflect the others, I'm not sure if you *need* to be tied to the house for any at all. Some of my boyfriends really liked to spend the first few nights on the couch as a new familiy, which I can fully appreciate, but 6 week seem a little bit extrem :\?

I' d say if you're feeling good and willing to go out, do it. Think only of the fact that you will be feeling as if you have been trodden by a stallion and are walking in John Wayne fashion, so go slowly! It'?s all right to go out as soon as you get feeling like it! They were both about 5 nights of me when they first went out, but that was more because it was the first that we had a shot between visiting, diapers, feeding and trying to take a shuteye.

Do not try to continue as usual, as you will be exhausted, your whole organism needs some rest from childbirth, but a little stroll every morning is okay - as I said, whatever you have in mind. I was resumed ) when my boy was 3 years old on Christmassday.

We climbed up the wall after being stranded in the infirmary, so on pit stop we slowly walked to the end of the street because it was all I could handle - it was cool, but we did wrap the Lo well and he was well. Personally, I know Catholics, who have something to do with religious beliefs, who take the baby out after baptism, which I think is insane.

When LO was 3 years old we got out of the clinic and took him for a stroll around our town when he was 4 years old. I' d have been out earlier if I hadn't had a long layover. I felt awesome after such a harsh gestation when DS was born.

With my first I went for a stroll, just down the street when he was about 1 weeks old, but we were in the truck with my mother for about 3 nights, I think.

After six and a half nights, I freaked out and we drove into the city. He was 8 years old when we went to a birthday celebration (we took him with us). Six fucking week = crazy!

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