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Purchase personalized gifts for baby, pets and families online at Who we are Brightest Star Baby Boutique Surrey is an online, independently owned, exclusive store specializing in the design of original children's and baby wear and apparel for young and old in Spain and the UK. We carry breathtaking clothes from Great Britain, Spain and Portugal. Brightest Star Baby Boutique was born by Chanel after the bereavement of her still-born Harry in September 2015.

That' s the name of the boutique. Darcie is the little baby who holds her little sister James, who sits in the skies with his little sister - the lightest of all stars, Harry. My passion for childrens apparel was born after my darcie in 2012 - when I noticed a huge niche in the Darcie apparel shopping scene, I dreamt of having my own online boutique specializing in childrens apparel in Spain and in tradition.

It was a nightmare that came true after the disastrous childbirth of my dead boy Harry in September 2015. In order to keep myself occupied in the month after Harry's birthday - I plunged into the research for the online boutique that I had been hoping for one theater. I' put that back on ice to concentrate on my familiy and enjoying the gestation of my third baby.

Baby James' secure advent in 2016 led to the opening of the Brightest Star Baby Boutique in early 2017.

In the Little N's Baby Boutique we know how important it is to satisfy our customers.

In the Little N's Baby Boutique we know how important it is to satisfy our customers. Fill out your returned items registration and let us know which items you would like to send back and why. To exchange, please fill in the information on the desired spare parts. Costs for the reshipment of the item(s) are to be borne by the client, we recommend the use of a signature based refund policy, as non returned items will not be reimbursed.

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