Baby Boutique Sale

Sale of Baby Boutique

SALE Book a stand on the website ( and sell your beloved baby and children's products. Kindergarten stores for sale in Suffolk.

Heywood Tickets, Sat, September 29, 2018 14:30 p.m.

There will be over 35 stands with high class baby and children's products (approx. 0-6 years) such as toys, clothes, prams, high chairs, design clothes, equipment and much more! YOU GOT TO SALE AGAINST? Booking a desk and selling your beloved baby and children's articles for the age group 0-6 years.

The Boutique Baby Sale is a high value, popular baby and children's sale that sells almost new baby and children's products around Greater Manchester & Lancashire. Vendors booking a stand on the site and yours truly beloved articles such as toy, clothing, strollers, high stools, gear and much more! The Baby Sale boutique began in July 2013 and has grown ever stronger since.

Every sale now has between 30-50 booths that quickly run out and we routinely draw 150-250 shoppers. This sale offers the possibility for locals to buy and sale good value articles without having to spend a lot of money and to help the enviroment by decreasing wastage. There are also opportunities for baby and children's industries to offer their goods and service to sale and promotion.

Baby Gotz Boutique Pink Shoes|Gotz Doll Shoes 30-33cm|Gotz Shirt

Sell it! The article is on sale and will soon disappear again. Designed for the 33 cm dummies of Muffin and Aquini, these enchanting little crocodile boots will be the ideal shoe for a baby wearing a summery dress. A part of the Baby Boutique 30-33cm series. Ideally for old age: Appropriate from old age: There are no ratings yet.

Babyboutique for sale in Bishopbriggs, Glasgow.

The beautiful blanket in perfect shape can be transformed into a children's bunk beds and is ideal for toddlers and children. Large 2 in 1 system strollers for sale with rain cover still included......still in good condition....cost over £1000 if new.... Different children's DVD's sold as a package or 2 Disney, 1 others and 50 for the package - over 80 DVD's - just buy!

Offering a coveted location within the Huntershill hamlet, which consists of over 50 small companies in the centre of Bishopbriggs East Dunbartonshire, this gorgeous baby boutique is a great place to be. Founded in 2016, this stylish boutique provides exclusive and exclusive baby wear, presents and accessoires, as well as homemade clothes and items for them.

It is the seller himself who manages the deal, making it perfect for a keen owner-operator who takes over and continues the company's prosperity. Extend or change the product range according to your wishes! Great chance to get into the retailing market as a shopkeeper by acquiring a large company with an excellent track record and a sought-after site.

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