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Emile et Rose traditional designer baby boy clothing with elegant nautical styles. Fashion for babies and a little prince. Kardashian admitted that she wanted a little boy because she has a "close connection" to Kourney's boy Mason.

For the past three month, Khloe Kardashian has been working headfirst for subsidiary Tru. When she came to Twitter, she said, "I really wanted a boy because Mason and I are so close. Truth has made me cuter and gentler. BFF 4Life (sic)' Khloe gave life to her little girl Stormi 2 month after the delivery of her half-sister Kylie Jenner.

She was also compelled to give up breast-feeding sooner than she wanted because it didn't work for her and her baby didn't get enough breast feed.

and Kate's little boy: Clothing, fashions and aids available

Babies' clothing and fashions for a little prince Prince Williamand Kate Middletonnever are leaving the Kensington Palace without looking perfectly, and there is no question that the King's baby will be following in his family's stylish steps. Featuring the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's bustling calendars, the little Prince will need to dress up for any outfit.

No matter if you' re going to shop with your Duchess Duchess Kate or on Polish Square with your infatuated Papa William, the kingly baby will no doubt be perfectly attired. Online-has chosen the six best clothes for His Highness Prince of Cambridge. Be it a sweet pale bluish dungarees suit or the small sneakers of UK fashion star Paul Smith, we have found the beginnings of a classy coat when the kingly baby should be a boy.

Hints for the safety of your baby in the hot weather

If you expose your baby to too much sunlight, this may raise the chance of developing melanoma later in your babyhood. That is why in the UK infants and toddlers need protection between March and October. Embolden your baby to act in the shadows - for example under a tree - especially between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. when the weather is brightest.

Do not expose infants under six month of age or older to the sun, especially at noon. Conceal your child's sun exposure with sun protection, even on uncovered or uncovered sunny days. Cover your child's sensitive areas with sun protection. Don't neglect to put it on your shoulder, your nostrils, your ear, your cheek and the tips of your toes. Take extra care to keep your child's shoulder and nape of the back when you play, as these are the most frequent areas for suntan.

Dress your kid with casual dresses, such as an extra-large T-shirt with cuffs. Have your baby wearing a slouch cap with a broad edge that shadows his face and throat. Keep your child's eye protected with UK standard compliant BSEN 1836:2005 compliant glasses that bear the CE marking - verify the tag.

When your baby is afloat, use a sunscreen with a 15 or greater coefficient of protection. Learn more about our Sommer Security for small kids. Our best sources of vitamins and minerals are the light of the day on our skins. As it is important to keep your child's epidermis safely in the shade, it is advisable that all infants between the ages of six month and five years should take a dietary vitamin drop supplements with vitamins containing additional vitamins.

Learn more about vitamins and minerals for infants and toddlers.

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