Baby Boy Dungarees

Boy Baby Dungarees

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Boy Baby Sets & Overalls - 4-24 Monate

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Baby Boy Young Bib Dungarees

When you have an busy roll, zap and crawl days ahead of you, clothe your little boy in one of our comfortable dungarees. Our range includes smooth fabrics in either silk or suede that offer lots of stretching for mobile extremities, as well as adult option with tiny knobs and bags.

Give a baby boy dungarees with a fitting body for a handy - and enchanting - present for an expectant mother. Baby dungarees have models made of durable materials such as string and wool that will endure all kinds of adventure when your baby is out and about.

Baby boy dungarees with shortsleeve suit and shoes for the play time in the backyard. Continuous closed-toe kits keep the baby warm, while baby dungarees release these little toelets to be teased during play. Because of the strap, the little boy's dungarees don't drop when your little man crawls or squiggles.

They have a lot of stretching in the center and variable shoulder strap for growthrusks. Discreet stripe or dim colours are a classical option and can easily be combined with your favorite green color shoes and toppers.

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