Baby Boy Easter Clothes

Easter Baby Boy Clothes

Perfect for photos, holidays or any special occasion, our personalised baby boy outfits are perfect for you. Bunny Spring Tie & Braces with Rabbit Toddler Boys.

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Kids Easter Styles - Blog

At the end of the winter nights, when the fire is on and the first welcome sunshine comes, you get the feeling that it' s springtime - and Easter is the ideal time for your little ones to present their first spring/summer looks of the year. No matter if you're looking for a cheerful Easter hunt and play holiday or if you' re looking for a Sunday lunch with the whole NPH community, we have the La Coqueta Stilpicks to make sure your kids will see and touch a million bucks this Easter.

Inspired by the wild flowers of the British landscape, our Easter girls' clothes are the focal point of the long Easter week-end and can be worn up and down according to the children's schedule. Every dress of our little girls has a classical, festive and truly ageless charm, and our centuries-old handmocked details in Spain are the ideal match for every little Princess.

Combine it with Mary Janes ivory and a flashy flower ribbon to complement the look. Marigold robe, drag shoe, openwork sock, small looplip. Featuring cute baby kits in beautiful flower yarns, beautiful baby jerseys and beautiful baby jerseys, the smallest member of your Easter party is certainly not a descendant.

Bang into polar spot pinks or jump into one of our constantly enchanting print baby kits, all as convenient as they are enchanting, to make sure even the little members of the Easter party look and feel great. Combine our baby kits with the beautiful Mary Janes pushchair for these memorable moments or baby slippers for these funny adventures.

Linearia kit, pram Mary Janes, openwork stockings, small archlip.

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