Baby Boy Garments

Baby-Young Clothes

New Versace Baby Boys White Medusa Print Top. Baby-boy clothes, all in good condition, washed and clean. Baptism Baby Boy Clothing Christening Outfits for Boys Christening by TuliKids

For most articles we can make special designs, EXCEPT for our smoked clothes, which are manufactured 6 month or longer in advance. Our products are available in a wide range of colours. Please ask if you would like to replace an application or substance. Which is your processing speed? Our work takes an estimated 7 to 9 workingdays from order to shipment.

When you need an article immediately, we provide a special services for you. Your article will be dispatched within 1 to 2 workingdays for a fee for express delivery. Before ordering, please send us an e-mail and ask if you have a brief date on which you must have your product.

Is it possible to have a smoked article made to measure? Smoked articles (articles from model number 412) are only available in the specified dimensions and we do not accept special orders for smoked articles as they are manufactured several month in advanced as the period for smoked articles is very short.

It is recommended that you take a measurement that suits your baby and compares it with the dimensions in our baby size guide, not the baby size. What do I do to clean my article? Because some people don't know how to launder themselves in the washing machine. Allow it to run through the entire washing and rinsing process.

Any time after, just clean normally. May I order an article in a different colour? As all our articles (with the exception of smoked articles) are individually made, we can deliver in most colours. Is it possible to mail my own material for an article? Yes, we will use your cloth if you wish, the costs of the article are the same as when providing the cloth.

Are you a wholesaler? Our smoked articles are available at wholesalers. Is there a rebate for ordering more than one item?

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