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Favourite articles for baby boy clothing. The basics are essential to form the first wardrobe of your baby. Purchase Baby Boys online from George. Buy from our newest Baby Boys series in Baby.

Personalized Baby Boy Gifts & Gift Ideas

Getting a baby is probably the most thrilling and significant event you will ever have, and as such it merits to be hailed with a great present, but also with a reflective and personal one - this is where we can help! There is a large selection of baby presents, some of them uniquely designed and specially designed for all those opportunities just looking to be explored.

Whether you are looking for a matching present for your own handsome little boy or a present for someone else, we can ensure that you will find the perfect present to show him how much you take with him. We offer personalized baby teddies, baby showers, baby presents in silvery, a nice selection of baby boy clothes and much more.

Knowing how important these presents are to you, we want to make sure your memento is even more unique and remembered. Have fun exploring our selection of unique and unique baby presents and they will give you and your beloved ones as much joy as we do.

Babybundle | Baby & Toddler Clothing for Sale

Used baby girls' clothing in good shape, from electricians to chefs, from nursing assistants to couriers. Baby used girl's clothing in good state 0-3 month. Combined clothing from M&S, Carter's and Monsoon. Large bunch of clothing for a baby maid, many articles. beautiful clothing, some of them were never worn. few articles for 18 month, mostly coats.

Boy's Clothes Bundle. Sizes 9 - 12 month. These 2 velours pyjamas are brandnew from Marks & Spencer and were quite pricey. Everything in good state. Sleepsuit 5 x Next & Mothercare 1 x Waistcoat 3 x Tunic-Tops 1 x Bib 1 x Bib 2 x Trousers 2 x Leggings Good state.

Everything in perfect state from a smokeless and pet-free house. Contains waistcoats, pyjamas, caps, scraper caps, sweaters. Some things early/small baby, but most newborns or up to 1 months.

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