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Baby-girl names are dwindling. 100 top boy names 2018 | Baby boy names When we begin with the top 10 boy names, there are often little changes from year to year and 2017 was no different. Oliver, Harry and Jack are the top 3 boy names this year and keep their same top places as last year's top boy names. Both Arthur and Reggie are also on the advance and follow the old men's name with Arthur moving up 8 places to 23 and Reggie moving up 11 places to 35.

Also the names Alfie (no move to 8th place) and Archie (up to 4 places to 13th place) have been moving up in recent years. Curiously, when we look back on the year 2000, there were a number of names that were not even among the top 100 at the time.

Among the names of trendy young guys this decade are Theo now at 14, Archie at 13, Logan at 12, Leo at 11, Oscar at 10, Freddie at 9 and Noah at 5. Among the names that have entered the top 100 that could point to early trending for the next ten years are Hunter by 33 places to 69, Theodore by 23 places to 70, and Grayson, which last year scored 93 points in the top 100 (up 37 places).

As soon as the beloved Joseph 6 places has gone down to 32, indicating a decline in favor for vernacular Bible names. Even though the name Elijah has risen by 6 places to 39, Jamie has dropped by 10 places to 94, Austin by 17 places to 97 and out of the top 100 in 2018, the once very beloved Ben, who holds himself in place 100, but 4 places below the previous year.

When you are still clinging to a baby name, use our baby name finder to find the origin, meaning and possible brother or sister names.

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